MPD Reports: Unresponsive person revived with Narcan; slew of shoplifting complaints; man reported for dancing in the rain

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Dec. 30, 2021 to Jan. 6, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Damage to Property – Gatewood Dr In reference to damage from an unknown vehicle last date at Walmart.
  • Shoplifting – West Spring St (Walmart) in reference to a named female subject on location shoplifting items. Subject was taken into custody and transported to the MPD for fingerprints. She was released on a copy.
  • Dispute – West Spring St (McDonald’s): In reference to a patron arguing with management over their order. The situation was mediated.
  • Lost Item – Blaine St in reference to complainant losing his trailer tag while driving through Monroe.
  • Overdose – Plantation in reference to a named subject on the floor unresponsive. Narcan was administered and the subject regained consciousness.
  • Damage to Property – Marable street @ Birch St in reference to a vehicle that ran off of the road. Vehicle was unoccupied the registered owner, stated her brother was in possession of the vehicle. Jays Towing towed the vehicle.
  • Dispute – Landers St in reference to a verbal dispute between a female and a male. The male was arrested for his warrant.
  • Suspicous Person – South Broad Street in reference to caller hearing people in the parking lot. Negative contact.
  • Area Check – Alcovy Street in reference to the caller hearing noises in her roof, area checked, all appeared ok.
  • Loud Music – Plantation Dr & Greenwood Dr in reference to a house party. Contact was made with the homeowner, and they advised they would take it inside for the evening.
  • Other Law – Tall Oaks Ln. In reference to a female that just had back surgery requesting assistance. Turned over to EMS.
  • Shoplifting – W Spring St; Walmart: Male subject arrested for shoplifting. He was transported to the Police Department where he was processed and released on citation. He was also criminally trespassed from Walmart for a period of two years.
  • Shoplifting – West Spring Street – In reference to a named female passing the point of sale with $111.11 worth of merchandise. She was located at her residence. She was fingerprinted and released on copy of citation.
  • Animal Complaint – E Church St. In reference to an abandoned K9 tied and locked to a tree off of E Church St. Turned over to Walton County Animal Control.
  • Loud Music – W 5th St; checked the area in reference to the second call. Negative contact and caller does not want to meet.
  • Mental Patient – PepBoys West Spring; caller advised a male behind the store was dancing in the rain. Subject gone upon officer’s arrival
  • Road Obstruction – Hwy 78 W / Hwy 138. Brown box and contents removed from the roadway.
  • Shoplifting – W. Spring St. Pizza Hut – In reference to a subject not paying for $137.67 worth of pizza. Report taken.

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