MPD Reports: Vehicle and bicycle collision; fire in waffle house; harassment; shoplifting, juvenile complaints and custody issue

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 22 – 29, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute – Pine Park St.- In reference to a female subject stating that a named male subject slammed a car door on her leg. There were no witnesses of the incident and the male subject was gone when officers arrived. She was advised of the pre-trial warrant process.
  • Fire Assist – North Broad St; Waffle House: In regards to a generator fire. Turned over to Monroe Fire Department and Walton County Fire Rescue. All was ok.
  • Animal Complaint – Chestnut Lane – In reference to the complainant’s dog being attacked by a neighbor’s dog and the complainant being bit. The complainant stabbed the neighbor’s dog due to being attacked. Animal Control arrived on scene and the scene was turned over. No criminal act took place.
  • Dispute – West Creek Circle – In reference to the complainant stating that parties on location would not allow him to stay. A named subject had an active warrant for failure to appear. He was taken into custody.
  • Dispute – North Broad Street. Management wanted individuals removed from the room. One subject arrested for a failure to appear warrant out of Gwinnett County.
  • Other Law – North Broad Street – A named subject was arrested for sales of marijuana, sales of methamphetamine, possession of cocaine, possession of ecstasy and drug related objects. He was transported to the jail without incident.
  • Welfare Check – W Spring Street in reference to a named subject on the property. He was placed under arrest for Criminal Trespass.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Old Mill Pt; H. Abandoned vehicle on location belonging to another resident. Vehicle owner could not be contacted, and complainant advised of remedies.
  • Shoplifting – East Spring Street in reference to named subject who stole two boxes of Cough & Cold Medication. Warrants were taken out for his arrest.
  • Welfare Check – Meadow Trace in reference to a 2-year-old in the yard without a parent. Negative contact.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Hammock Park – S Broad St – In reference to juveniles vaping in the parking lot. All Ok.
  • Civil Issue – Walmart – The complainant stated her daughter did not receive cash from the return on a non-functioning gift card. Store surveillance footage determined that was a lie.
  • Unsecure Premises – Athens Tech- Building cleared. All okay.
  • Damage to Property – Armistead Circle. In reference to an orange/white pickup truck backing out of their driveway at Armistead Circle and making contact with the complainant’s vehicle parked on the road on 09/24/2022. Negative contact with anyone across the street. Report taken.
  • Dispute – GW Carver Cir. In reference to a named subject stating a female subject was banging on her door, looking for her boyfriend. The female was gone prior to officer arrival. All okay.
  • Harassment – Tanglewood Dr; Complainant reporting her ex-boyfriend is having people come to her residence and harass her. Report taken. Extra patrol conducted.
  • Theft – Oak Street. In reference to amazon packages that were showing delivered. No cameras in the area, report taken.
  • Shoplifting – South Broad St. Complainant advised two individuals were shoplifting, made contact with the suspect who was arrested for shoplifting. He was fingerprinted and released on ticket.
  • Child Custody – Blaine St; Monroe PD- Child custody dispute. Male subject called in reference to a court order to have his children given back from a named female subject. Remedies advised.
  • Welfare Check – Plaza Dr – Anonymous caller was concerned about a possible dispute at the residence. A named suspect was arrested for an outstanding WCSO warrant. No signs of a dispute.
  • Speeding vehicle – Blaine St: Complainant advised of a speeding patrol vehicle down Edwards St. Complaint passed on to supervisor.
  • Dispute – Named subject refusing to leave the restroom. He was criminally trespassed from the location.
  • MVC – Lumpkin St @ Church St. Vehicle vs bicyclist. Turned over to Georgia State Patrol.
  • Dispute non-violent – W Spring St; Piedmont Walton: In reference to a male patient trying to leave with IV still in his arm. Staff was able to calm the individual down and cancelled the call.
  • Missing person – S Madison Ave; Walton County Sheriff’s Office: In reference to a named subject advising her brother has not been seen or heard from since September 23. He has been placed on GCIC as missing and report taken.
  • Dispute non-violent – S Broad St; Dollar General: In reference to a named subject refusing to leave the store and was found behind the cashier counter. Employees on location advised they wanted to press charges and he was taken to jail for loitering. He was also criminally trespassed from Dollar general.

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