MPD Reports: Vehicle and foot chase ends in arrest, large parties and aggravated battery

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 24 to Oct. 1, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Harassment – Gatewood Way – Complainant is receiving threatening calls stating that he needs to pay them or they will call the cops and have him arrested. He was advised it was a scam call. remedies given. 

Hit and Run – Birch St – In reference to a hit and run that occurred at West Highland. A female subject was identified as the driver and taken into custody for leaving the scene of an accident. She was fingerprinted and released on citations. 

Disturbing the Peace – Pine Park in reference to loud music, and subjects. Spoke with subject, and a group of subjects gathered in the parking lot. Advised them to please keep the music and noise down in reference to the time of night. 

Assault – Unisia Dr. The complainant and employee were involved in a physical dispute. A subject punched the complainant several times in the mouth, causing several teeth to fall out. Complainant was taken by EMS for treatment. The subject left the scene before law enforcement arrived. Warrant to be taken out for aggravated battery. 

Suspicious person – East Spring St., Short Stop. A subject was criminally trespassed and given his copy. He left location and was made aware not to come back. 

Dispute – Carver Place. Ref to the complainant wants her daughter to leave. The daughter was packing her stuff and was willingly leaving. 

Harassment – Rosewood Ln. Complainant advised she has been getting harassed by her ex-boyfriend on social media. Report taken 

Suspicious Person – Gliding Ln. at Baron Dr. Ref to a white male on a bike yelling profanity. Subject was advised remedies and was advised to leave the area and not to use profane language around kids. 

Entering auto – North Broad St., Wow Express. In reference to a customers’ vehicle entered. Report taken. 

Suspicious vehicle – Highway 78 WB at Unisia Dr. Ref to a silver dodge with an unrestrained juvenile in the vehicle. Vehicle stopped on Charlotte Rowell and citation issued. 

Animal complaint – Tall Oaks West. Complainant was chased by German Shepard. He was told by home security to keep it on a leash while it was outside. Subject was given a warning and advised that animal control would be contacted if it continued to be a problem. Dog was placed back inside. 

Other Law – South Broad St., Pinnicle Bank. Complainant reported putting $4,600.00 in cash into the ATM. The ATM swallowed the money and she could not pull the money out. Report made. 

Area Check – E Spring St. Popeyes. In reference to what the complainant believes to be a large party behind Popeyes. Contact made with multiple trucks. They were advised to leave. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Harris St. In reference to several vehicles on location in the street. Approximately 50-100 subjects were walking around on Harris St. Drove up and down Harris St and subjects started to disperse from the roadway. 

Dispute – Booth Dr. In reference to complainant’s friend and a black male. Black male had left out the back door of the property. Complainant advised male destroyed property. Report taken. 

Theft – MLK Jr. Blvd. Tractor Supply. – In reference to a theft of a cell phone that occurred between 1500 and 1600 hours. Report taken. 

Power Lines Down – Breedlove Dr at W Spring St. In reference to sparking, low hanging wires. A branch was located that was obstructing the roadway. Branch was removed, and all power lines were ok. 

Agency Assist – Hwy 138 at Nunnally Farm. Walton County Sheriff’s Office vehicle pursuit entered the city at M.L.K and W Spring. Pursuit ended by the suspect wrecking into a moving vehicle at the entrance of Tall Oaks and E Church St. After a brief foot chase the driver was apprehended at Smith Plaza Coin Laundry. Scene Turned over to WCSO. 

Traffic Stop – N Broad St, near Deer Acres Inn. Vehicle was stopped for tag light violation. Upon investigation the driver was taken into custody for OCGA 40-8-23 Tag Light, OCGA 40-6-253 Open Container, OCGA 40-6-391(a)(1) D.U.I of Alcohol, and City Ordinance 62-3 Poss. of Marijuana. The driver was transported to MPD for fingerprinting and released on citation. Report taken 

Dispute – Tanglewood Dr. In reference to complainant and boyfriend’s brother. Complainant advised that her foot was slammed in the back door of the apartment by a subject, as well as being assaulted by two subjects, who was not on scene at the time of arrival. Report Taken. 

Dispute – Cook Pl. In reference to the complainant’s boyfriend, who had punched her in the face. Upon Officer arrival the complainant advised she could not talk in person and asked to speak on the phone. Once contact was made on the phone, she refused to meet in order to explain the situation. 

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