MPD Reports: Walmart employee charged with loading gift cards without receiving payment

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incident reports for the period Jan. 4 – 10, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five sections. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Vehicle, Davis St., contact made with the homeowner and she advised she is currently moving in and a silver Chevy truck was parked behind her house. Officer ran the tag and it came back to her neighbor. All ok.
  • Welfare Check, East Fambrough, reference to checking on a male subject. He was ok.
  • Burglary in Progress, Carwood Dr., complainant advised a subject went into the residence through the roof. The residence was cleared by K9 Ciro. No one was on location. The complainant could not be located.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, West Spring St., reference to a vehicle almost running the complainant off the roadway. The complainant lost contact and canceled prior to Officer arrival
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Walmart, Rebecca Howard was arrested for shoplifting. She was transported to Monroe PD and fingerprinted. She was released on a copy of the citation.
  • Traffic Stop, East Church St., High School Ave., Silver Chevy Malibu was observed running the red light at Church and South Madison. After running the tag# through GCIC it returned with no insurance and suspended tag. The driver was cited accordingly and the vehicle was towed by the towing company.
  • Mental Person, West Spring St., Piedmont Walton, reference to a mental patient not complying with nurses. The situation was mediated, everything on location ok.
  • Domestic Dispute, Turner St., made contact with the complainant. A male subject was intoxicated and did not want to go home with the complainant or go to the hospital. We reasoned with him and male subject complied and went home with his cousin.
  • Damage to Property, South Broad St., made contact with the complainant about the damaged property. The property did not belong to the complainant, therefore, the complainant was advised to notify management to contact the police in order to make a report.
  • Theft Report, West Spring St., Walmart, Employee was accused of loading money onto gift cards without actually putting money into the register. Video evidence proved the accusation to be true. The employee was taken into custody for theft by taking.
  • Dispute, Etten Dr., Negative contact with any disputes. All ok.
  • 911 Hang-up, North Midland Ave., JB Trucking, reference to complainant son calling 911. He was advised to only call 911 in case of an emergency. Everything on location ok.
  • Dispute, Kings Ridge, verbal dispute between homeowner and insurance adjuster. The situation was mediated. All ok.
  • Fraud Report, Gatewood Way, reference to complainant receiving a phone bill in the mail for a phone she does not own. A report was taken on 12/24/2018, see case #, a supplemental will be added to the report.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, St. Ives Walk, reference to a Mazda SUV parked in the neighborhood. Made contact with owner and everything ok.
  • Missing Person, New Lacy St., reference to 6y/o missing since 1600 Hours. Child located next door at his grandmother’s in the closet.
  • Prowler, South Madison Ave., reference to a male knocking on door. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Dispute, Lacy St., female subject a bedroom window while fighting with her unknown boyfriend.  Both parties were GOA.
  • Dispute, North Broad St., Deer Acres, named female left with her belongings. Complainant was concerned about her welfare.
  • Dispute, Ash St., reference to complainant wanting police to get her phone from her house at Ash Street from named male subject. No answer on Ash Street.
  • Damage to Property, West Spring St., Roses, met with the complainant who left the store to find her car had been struck in the parking lot. Report made.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, East Marable St., Matthews Park, two subjects were advised the park closes at dark.
  • Assault, Breedlove Dr. Ridgeview, reference to a victim being assaulted by a patient.  Ridgeview denied the care of EMS to the victim and stated employees are not allowed to call 911 for any assistance. Due to Ridgeview not wanting officers inside the facility to speak with the victim I was able to speak with the victim at Piedmont Walton approximately one hour after leaving Ridgeview. Report taken.
  • Dispute, Ash St., a complainant from earlier call was able to retrieve her phone.  The phone had a damaged screen.
  • Dispute, Glen Iris Dr., made contact with complainant who advised some teenage girls at the home got into a verbal argument but it never turned physical.  An Uber was called to pick up one of the females. All ok.
  • Dispute, Glen Iris Dr., disputing party was GOA.
  • Burglary, West Tall Oaks, reference to back window pushed in. Entry made, money and watches taken.
  • Domestic Dispute, Tanglewood Dr., couple got into a verbal argument. Female stated male threw his cell phone at her. There was no physical evidence or witnesses to support her statement. Parties were advised of remedies.
  • Burglary, Pine Park St., officer made contact with complainant who stated he was looking after the house when he noticed the side window was broken. The residence was cleared. No property appeared to be missing. Complainant declined a report.
  • Damage to Property, MLK Jr. Blvd., Four Seasons Car Wash, reference to the car wash malfunctioning and causing damage to two vehicles.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, West Spring St., Childers Park. Jedediah Thompson on location with an active probation warrant. Thompson was taken into custody and transported to the WC Jail.

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