MPD Reports: Warrant arrests after traffic stops; juveniles fighting, cursing, throwing eggs

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 15 – 22, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Suspicious Vehicle – Hammock Park. Juveniles in park after hours and past curfew. Turned over to parents on scene. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Michael Cir. In reference to a silver car that has been up and down the road several times. Complainant advised that vehicle keeps backing out. Negative contact, the area was checked. 

Fight – N Broad St. Deer Acres Inn. In reference to a large fight in the parking lot. Subjects dispersed upon arrival. 

Disturbing the Peace – on Plaza Dr. In reference to subjects in the parking lot being loud and screaming. Subjects were sent on their way. 

Vehicle Breakdown – GW Carver Dr. In reference to a blue Dodge Charger stopped in the middle of the road. Vehicle trunk was actively burning. MFD put the fire out. Vehicle removed from roadway by Taylors. 

Mental – Hwy 138 (Great Oaks): In reference to a mental patient being combative & having altered mental status. Cancelled per. dispatch. 

Animal complaint – Sorrells Street in reference to Sorrells St dog keeps getting off his leash and coming over to the complainant’s dog while they are outside. 

Dispute – Gliding Lane – Dispute over civil matter between two subjects. Mediated and separated. 

Other Law – Maple Lane. In reference to complainant wants an officer to stand by while subject gets belongings. Situation mediated. Complainant advised that he didn’t need law enforcement anymore. 

Trespassing – Pannell Road -Anonymous complainant stated a white female and white male were parked near Blasingame Lake then left, heading towards North Broad St in a Chevrolet Blazer. Conducted an area check with negative contact 

Suspicious Vehicle -Stonecreek Way/Stonecreek Dr -Officers observed a vehicle parked at an unfinished residence. Contact made with workers on location, all okay. 

DOA – Tall Oaks West -Subject found unresponsive, EMS on scene and were actively performing CPR. Subject was transported to Piedmont Walton and pronounced upon arrival. Coroner responded to the hospital. 

Juvenile complaint – Cloverdale Drive in reference to two juveniles getting into a fight yesterday and one of the juveniles threw an egg at the other child hitting him in the head. 

Juvenile Complaint – South Madison Ave in reference to a group of juveniles about ten years old cursing and yelling racial names. The juveniles went to Monroe Estate. 

Agency Assist – Davis Street: In reference to a man with a bonding company trying to make contact with a named subject that has an active felony warrant out of Tennessee. Negative contact. 

Suspicious Person – North Wayne Street (Silver Queen): In reference to a male wearing dark blue color shirt with white jeans and gray shoes looking in vehicles. Negative contact. 

Dispute – Alcovy Street – in reference to two subjects verbally disputing over a driveway. Situation mediated. 

Suspicious Person – E Marable – In reference to several people in park after hours, they were advised of park hours. All ok. 

Suspicious Vehicle -Highway 78 and West Spring Street – In reference to a vehicle failing to maintain lane, area checked no contact. 

Suspicious Person – QuickPick – Flag down by citizen requesting directions. She was assisted and sent on her way. 

Dispute – Davis St – In reference to a fight on location. Upon arrival, parties were gone and a subject stated all was ok. 

Traffic Offense – S Hammond Dr, Auto Zone – in reference to a silver Honda SUV stopped for a non- functioning tag light. Further investigation led to the arrest of a subject for active arrest warrants out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office 

Suspicious Vehicle – Charlotte Rowell & HWY 78 – In reference to a vehicle parked on the side of the road, no contact with owner, abandoned sticker placed on vehicle. 

Traffic Offense – N Broad St & E Marable St – Reference to a green Honda Civic stopped for a non- functioning brake light. Further investigation led to the arrest of a female subject for active arrest warrants out of WCSO. 

Suspicious Vehicle – W Spring St – In reference to several vehicle parked at Harry’s Marathon, all teens. They were told to leave. 

Suspicious Vehicle – HWY 138; Applebees – In reference to a vehicle parked on turning lane, driver was picked up by his wife, everything ok. 

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