MPD Reports: Water gun wars continue with dispute after gun filled with urine

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period May 31 – June 6, 2109. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Entering Auto – Maple Street (Masonic Lodge): Met with a complainant in reference to her Ford Fusion silver in color having items taken out of. Report Taken
  • Suspicious Person – Alcovy St./Legends Dr.: White female fighting with the air.  Subject said she was preaching.  She advised she was okay then was instructed to return to the house.
  • Scam – Maple Ln. – Complainant advised two males dressed in blue scrubs came on Thursday and took a swab from her mouth and got her information from her license and Medicare card.
  • SkyDiver – Towler St.: Subject injured after falling approximately 20 feet during a skydive. Transported via MedFlight to Atlanta Medical.
  • Dispute – Lacy St.; Complainant reported subject struck her child in the mouth. She went across the street with her pistol to confront subject but he ran away. Complainant has a Concealed Carrier Weapons permit, and the pistol was not taken out of the holster or pointed at anyone. No contact was made with the subject but contact was made with his mother over the phone. She stated she spoke to the subject about the incident and he said he did not mean to hit the victim in the mouth but was trying to push him away from him after he squirted him with a water gun that was filled with urine. The complainant was advised of this information and she understood why subject put his hands on her son.
  • Assist Citizen – Harris St. near Pine Park Street in reference to a girl crying.  Officer spoke to her and helped her out.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Knight St. in reference to a four-wheeler being ridden in the area.  Made contact with the rider and advised him to stay off the roadway.
  • Dispute – Caver Pl. – Complainant disputing with her boyfriend. During the dispute, they slashed each other’s car tires. Neither wanted to press charges, just requested a report, no Family Violence.
  • Dispute – W. 5th St. in reference to the complainant being assault earlier this date at Piedmont Walton.  At this time no visible injuries on the complainant and no witness.  Report taken
  • Animal Complaint – Alcovy St: In reference to dogs fighting inside the residence. Pitbull tased and released to owner.
  • Suspicious person – Alcovy St; Subject was outside talking to the sky after using methamphetamine. The subject refused to transport to the hospital. Subject’s probation officer was notified and they will be following up with her on Monday.
  • Area Check on Foot – Monroe Estates. While conducting a foot patrol a group of people were seen drinking in the roadway and being loud. Upon making contact the odor of marijuana was detected. Upon searching, marijuana and MDMA was located. Travis Jackson and Drewcilla Williams were arrested for Possession with Intent to distribute marijuana and possession of MDMA.
  • Welfare check – S. Broad near the Dollar General; Subject was located highly intoxicated in the woods between the Dollar General and Southside MHP after he called 911 claiming he was lost due to having Alzheimer’s disease. The subject was transported to Piedmont Walton by EMS.
  • Dispute – Rosewood Ln; A daughter was on location disputing with her mother over her drinking while caring for the children. The daughter agreed to allow her mother to stay with her to help her care for the children. The daughter later called back stating her mother was still arguing with her. The daughter was not impaired to the extent that she could not care for the children without assistance. The daughter wanted her mother to leave her residence and refused to turn over the children to the father.  Report taken.

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