MPD Reports: Woman asleep on Waffle House table; another scared during power failure

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 15 – 21, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute, Eagles Trail, reference to two subjects verbal disputing. The situation was mediated. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, Hwy 78, Waffle House, reference to a W/F falling asleep at her table. Officers made contact with the female who stated that she would get some coffee and walk around.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, South Madison Ave., reference to complainant finding a truck parked next to his barn. The truck belongs to his neighbor. Everything on location ok.
  • Suspicious Person, South Madison/East Spring St., reference to a pickup truck driving reckless. Negative contact with vehicle or driver.
  • Unknown, Creekview Court, reference to complainant calling and advising she needed police and EMS to her location. The subject just wanted EMS to check her vital signs.
  • Hit-and-Run, North Broad St./Highway 78, reference to a silver in color Nissan Rogue with VA# and two Asian/Females striking a vehicle and last seen traveling towards Athens. BOLO put out to surrounding agencies.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, MLK Jr Blvd./West Spring, reference to a white and blue Ford Mustang in the area speeding. Area check conducted with negative contact.
  • Theft report, Wellington Dr., reference to check taken from the mailbox. The complainant noticed her mail was taken prior to it being picked up my regular mail carrier. Bank was notified and check was canceled.
  • Civil Issue, Felker St., complainant bonded a male subject out of jail recently and had questions on how to come off the bond. Contact was made with both parties and they were advised of remedies. All was ok.
  • Suspicious Persons, Colquitt St., reference to subjects going door to door discussing politics. Everything on location ok.
  • Suspicious Persons, reference to two subjects walking in the downtown area looking into a vehicle. Officer made contact, the vehicle a white truck belongs to their boss. They stated they were waiting for him to give them a ride home. Everything on location ok
  • Meet with Officer at Taylors. Contact was made with owner in reference to a juvenile making threats of violence. They were advised to take the juvenile for a mental evaluation at Piedmont. All ok.
  • Dispute, Custom Way, made contact with the complainant who advised named subject was making threats towards fifteen-year-old juvenile and himself. The complainant stated he did not want the named subject to be around him anymore. The complainant was advised of remedies. Units ok.
  • Follow Up, Magnolia Terrace, reference to complainant having her bank card taken and used from the previous incident. The complainant will collect bank statements to add to report.
  • Extra Patrol, South Broad St., reference to vehicles playing loud music and driving reckless through the neighborhood. Request extra patrol throughout the weekend.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, East Marable St., Mathew’s Park -four subjects were all advised that city parks are closed after dusk.  They left the area.
  • Dispute, North Broad St., Mac Tire, made contact with the owner who stated she called towing co. to repo a vehicle. Towing co. advised they picked the vehicle up from Carver Place. The owner did not have the proper paperwork. The vehicle was dropped at Mac Tires. Report taken for records.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Felker Park, reference to a vehicle in park after dark. Occupants OK and left park.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Hammond Park, reference to Vehicle Parked After dark. Occupants advised to leave.
  • 911 hang up, Plaza Dr., reference to a male subject on 38D (drugs) and intoxicated.  He left the area on foot.  He was later transported to Piedmont Walton after walking in the middle of North Broad Street claiming a diabetic episode.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Vehicle (Ga tag#) parked on Walker Driver alongside the fence of the trading place. Units performed an area check of Trading place and Golden Pawn. All appeared ok.
  • Welfare Check, South Madison Ave., reference to complainant having issues with the place she was staying and needing a place to stay until her caseworkers could help her resettle. Provided a room at Haven Inn by F.I.S.H.
  • EMS Assist, Plaza Trace, made contact with the complainant. She advised she was afraid because the power went out. All is ok.
  • Dispute, Maple St., reference to two subjects verbally disputing. One subject made threats to the other subject. The first subject was gone when officers arrived. While on the scene, that subject returned to the residence and explained his side of the incident. The situation was mediated, parties were separated.  Report taken.
  • Dispute, West Spring St., Beautyville, complainant disputing with the clerk over attempting to return a product she purchased. The store has a same day refund policy and a store credit for any day after. Helen advised she would just keep the products.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Turner St., reference to a maroon Chevy truck tag # being on location. Contact was made with the owner. He was advised to remove his truck from the property by 1600 hours this date; if not removed the property owner stated it would be towed.
  • Extra Patrol Request, Sorrells St., reference to possible drug activity. Area check conducted negative contact. Extra patrol request was faxed to the PD by dispatch.
  • Traffic Stop, Davis St., vehicle was stopped for traffic violation observed at Pine Park St./Davis Street. The driver was found to be in possession of marijuana less than one ounce. She was released on a copy of citation on the scene.
  • Recovered Property, South Broad St. Mother stated that her son stole two of her firearms. She advised that she had met with a female at Dollar General who had recovered the property from her son and returned them to Mother. Mother wanted to press charges against her son for the theft. Officers made contact with the subject at the residence who stated her son was no longer on location. Mother was advised to file a report with Henry County since that’s where the theft actually occurred.
  • Meet with Officer, South Broad St., Chevron. The complainant was requesting an escort to Southside Park in reference to retrieving his property from a named subject. The property was obtained. ok.
  • Extra Patrol Request, South Madison Ave., Girls and Boys Club, reference to juveniles in the parking lot during sporting events pulling on door handles trying to enter vehicles.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, North Broad St., Tractor-trailer car hauler failing to maintain lane. Established contact with the car hauler and observed no violations. All ok.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Walmart, two subjects shoplifting in store at a self-checkout
  • 911 Hang Up, East Church St. at the Community Center – The “Help” button was accidentally pressed in the elevator.  Everything appeared to be okay.
  • Suspicious Activity, Blaine St./Bridge Over Georgia, reference to a truck backed up to a back door at the school.  Truck GOA.  The patrol of school found an unsecured door. The building was cleared and Key holder responded. All Ok
  • Meet With, Bridgeport Place, reference to two subjects having questions about the eviction process.

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