MPD Reports: Woman charged with impersonating a police officer; man mugged at gunpoint

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Aug. 6 – 13, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Suspicious Person – East Spring Street in reference to a female in the parking lot causing a disturbance. Female was gone when officers arrived. Staff advised to call if she returns reference Criminal Trespass. 

EMS Asst – N. Broad St. – In reference to a male subject, claiming he swallowed razor blades. The subject was transported to the hospital by EMS. 

Suspicious Person – Oak Ridge: In reference to subject who has a mental illness play a game in the area. Subject was transported back to his residence at Walker Drive. 

Dispute – Ridge Rd. – In reference to complainant, stating that her boyfriend put a gun in her face and then left. Complainant advised her boyfriend did not live with her and she refused to file a report. 

Dispute – Shamrock Drive -Two parties disputing, Situation mediated, and parties separated. 

Vehicle Collision – Plaza Drive in reference to a private property accident. Diana Dule was placed under arrest for Impersonating a Police Officer, obstruction and Simple Assault on a Police Officer 

Dispute – West Spring Street (Piedmont Walton): In reference to the male subject, who is claiming he swallowed razor blades; was combative. All okay when Law Enforcement arrived on location. 

Suspicious person – Walton Road -In reference to an elderly female harassing neighbors and trespassing. Report taken. 

Other Law – South Broad Street (Southside Mobile Home Park): In reference to complainant’s son receiving an inappropriate text. Report made. 

Suicide Threat – S. Madison Ave and E Church. In reference to a caretaker from Advantage having an issue with a patient. Turned over to EMS on scene. 

EMS Assist – Murphy USA. Complainant stated that she was possibly having a heat stroke. Turned over to EMS on scene. 

Dispute – Plaza Trace – Two parties disputing. Civil remedies advised and explained. 

Shoplifting – Walmart W Spring St. – Subject was caught shoplifting at Walmart. He was taken into custody, printed and released on copy of citation. 

Dispute – Ash Ln – Subject was out at Ash Ln and residents there did not want him there. He was given a ride to Walker Dr. and dropped off. 

Armed Robbery -S. Midland & E. Church. Subject stated he was mugged at gunpoint at the corner of Midland and Church while riding his bike home. $420 and a Venmo card were taken. Area searched for suspects with negative contact. Report taken. 

Civil Issue – S. Madison Ave. Complainant stated that her live in boyfriend was being drunk and keeping her awake. She was advised of civil remedies to legally remove him from the home. 

Suspicious Person – West Spring St. Male jumped out of vehicle. Advised arguing with a female and trying to cool off. All ok. 

Harassment – Gatewood Way. Ref. phone calls from jail inmate. Complainant advised a subject has been contacting her via cell phone. Subject was related to an incident that took place in Tanglewood in 2018. 

Accident – W. Spring St; Walmart. 2 vehicle accident, second vehicle was gone prior to officer’s arrival. Report taken. 

Harassment – Bridgeport Ln. In reference to complainant advising a male subject gave her a STD. Complainant also advised the male subject posted inappropriate videos of her on the internet. Report taken per complainants’ request. 

Harassment – Bold Springs Rd. Complainant advised an unknown male subject attempted to enter her vehicle while she was in the vehicle parked at the gas pumps. Report taken. 

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