MPD Reports: Woman claims eviction was over threat to reveal details on sexual favors; brothers dispute over jokes and cook arrested for disorderly conduct

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 30 – Oct. 7, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Old Mill Point, two juvenile brothers dispute over jokes being made while one party was on the phone. Mother was advised on her options.

Entering Auto) 254 Carwood Dr. Complainant stated two unknown subjects attempted to gain entry into his vehicle, no items taken and they fled on foot as LEO arrived.

Dispute – West Creek Cir. Complainant reporting that his estranged wife had taken his 1995 Chevrolet Silverado and left the scene. Civil issue and remedies were discussed.

Enter Auto – Carwood Dr in reference to three people with flashlights possible trying to get into vehicles.

Domestic Dispute – Lacy St: Caller advised drunk family member on location threatening the other family members. Verbal argument on scene. All was ok, parties separated.

Mental Patient – West Spring Street. In reference to a cook off of his medication yelling at employees. The cook was arrested for disorderly conduct and transported to the Walton County Jail. Warrants taken.

Juvenile Runaway – Hammond Dr at Hammond Park. Officer was advised that a juvenile ran from DFACS. After 45 minute foot pursuit in the area the juvenile was apprehended. The juvenile was transported to RYDC.

Sexual Assault – In reference to the complainant stating she was evicted from her apartment because she was going to tell the landlord’s wife that he was having sex with renters in exchange for not having to pay rent. Report taken.

Juvenile Complaint – W. Spring- McDonalds In reference to Kids standing in the parking lot. The kids were gone when officers arrived and the Manager was told to call back if they become a problem.

Hammock park on foot – S. broad St. – In reference to area check and clearing out the park. Hammock Park checked and logged numerous times throughout the shift.

Suspicious person – S. Hammond Dr – In reference to 2 individuals parked in a red truck. The female had confirmed warrants out of Barrow County. She was arrested and transported to the jail.

Traffic Stop – N. broad St. @ Perry St. – Vehicle stopped for an out tag light. GCIC inquiries performed on the occupants. One of the passengers showed to have an active warrant for Family Violence Battery out of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. Warrant was confirmed and the subject was transported to the jail.

Welfare Check – Russell Dr: Regarding an alleged homeless person in the area. Escorted to Deer Acres inn. All was ok.

Dispute – Tall Oaks West: A woman reported a physical dispute between herself and a male subject. The male was gone prior to arrival and warrants were taken on him for simple assault.

Theft Report – Jersey Mikes – Employee stated a black male entered the store, paid for items with a $100.00 bill, and received change. The male was given the $100.00 bill back due to him claiming he had a smaller bill, at which time he left the store with the change, items. and the $100.00 bill.

Shoplifting – W. Spring St. – In reference to a subject stealing approximately $400 worth of merchandise from WalMart. She also confessed to two felony shoplifting charges within the last week. She was arrested and warrants were taken.

Loitering – McDonalds in reference to juveniles hanging out by the gas pumps. The Kids were gone when iffucers arrived.

Entering Auto – Michael Etchison Road George Walton Academy – Complainant reported someone entered his vehicle at the baseball game and stole his Hellcat 9mm from the driver’s door. No serial number available for the weapon. SRO was advised.

Stolen Item – Etten Dr. – In reference to stolen two-toned pink mini four-wheeler. The complainant could not advise what the make/model or serial number of the four-wheeler was. Report taken.

Suspicious person – Ammons Bridge Rd – In reference to a subject walking on the roadway carrying numerous bags. Contact was made with the subject on Ammons Bridge Road just outside the city. Subject was given a courtesy ride to the Sardis Church Chevron. WCSO advised.

Loitering – Hammock Park – In reference to a group of subjects on location after park hours. Subjects were advised to leave.

Theft – Glen Iris Dr. – In reference to the complainant believing that an unknown Hispanic male stole his unknown make/model revolver from his residence two weeks ago. The serial number of the weapon is also unknown. Report Taken.

Civil Issue – Tanglewood Ln. – The complainant advised that her girlfriend’s mother has permission to be operating the motor vehicle and that she just hasn’t returned to their house that evening. The complainant wanted law enforcement to find the vehicle. She was advised the issue is civil in nature.

Theft – Lawrence Street. In reference to 13-year-old reporting that his phone was taken last date by another juvenile. No S/N for the cell phone. Mother of juvenile stated they did not want a report taken.

Intoxicated Person – Colquitt St. Subject on location alleged to have attempted suicide. Officers transported her to Piedmont Walton for medical and mental health evaluation.

Dispute – Etten Dr. Two parties verbally disputing. Parties agreed to separate for the evening. One was warned about a disorderly house.

Dispute – Breedlove Dr in reference to an irate patient. Officers stood by while the staff secluded the patient and medicated him.

Dispute – Ford St. Verbal dispute between two parties over car keys. Situation mediated prior to officers’ arrival.

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