MPD Reports: Woman injured in fight, another injured after falling while drunk and employee fired for drooling on food

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 15 – 22, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute an arrest.

Drugs – In reference to complainant smelling Marijuana coming from her vents. No marijuana odor detected, everything appeared ok. 

EMS Assist – Tanglewood Ln – In reference to subject having too much to drink and falling striking her head. Turned over to EMS 

EMS Assist – Walton Rd. – Complainant requested that officers or EMS come and put her elbow back into its socket. Injury sustained during a fight. No FV and no one wished to press charges. TOT EMS on scene 

Juvenile Complaint – Bridgeport Pl. Complainant disputing with her children over child care issues. Complainant advised of remedies and left for work. 

Disabled Vehicle – Highway 78 and Highway 11. Ref to a red cavalier off the roadway. Vehicle red tagged, all ok. 

Damage To Property – West Spring St., CarTech Automotive. Ref to a white Toyota 4Runner. 

Fraud – Magnolia Terr. Complainant advised her bank card had been used to purchase items from Amazon. Complainant advised she does not use Amazon. Report taken 

Trespassing – East Church St. Ref to someone dumping a dead deer on the property, all ok. Complainant advised a dead deer was left on the rear of her property 

Directing Traffic – Bulldog Dr., GWA. Assisted with school traffic, all ok. 

Suicide threats – Armestead Cir. Received from VA crisis line call. Transported by EMS for mental evaluation. 

Civil Dispute – Cloverdale Dr. Civil dispute between two parties over property in a vacant residence that one party was a landlord over. Both parties advised of the correct civil process. 

Civil dispute – MLK Jr. Blvd., Cell Phone Repair. Customer unhappy with his repair bill, advised of civil remedies. 

Harassing Call – Michael Etchison Rd. Complainant advised that they have been receiving multiple calls from a male and female asking about a Michelle subject that the complainant does not know. Remedies were advised. 

Theft – W Spring St. Walmart. Complainant advised while she was shopping someone took her wallet out of her purse. She did not observe anyone close enough to her to take the wallet. Report taken. 

Dispute – South Broad Street. In reference to the complainant’s 12-year-old nephew working down the street and a male subject, “Ray,” attempted to hit the complainant’s nephew with a metal pipe. It was determined that the dispute was verbal only. Report taken. 

Intoxicated Person – W Spring St. In reference to the complainant stating that an employee on location is possibly intoxicated. 23-year-old white male. Complainant advised the employee has been on location and has been drooling on the food. Manager wanted Officers to stand by while subject was terminated from his job. Subject was given a ride home. 

Dispute – N Broad St. Bojangles. In reference to a white female in a pink shirt and pants in a gold trailblazer. Complainant advised female is on top of the vehicle. Female was gone upon officers’ arrival. Parties on scene were advised of remedies. 

Suicide Threats – E Church St. In reference to a 25-year-old male, depressed, threatening to take his life. 

Dispute – Davis St. – Complainant advised that someone took his belongings from his truck between 2000 hours the previous date and the time of the call. He believes known subject is the suspect. Report 

Assault – W Spring St. Piedmont Walton. In reference to an assault that possibly occurred in Monroe. Complainant advised that she and her boyfriend were in a dispute last date. Stated that he made contact with her. Follow ups to be conducted. 

Threats – S Broad St. MPD. Complainant wanted to make a report of an unknown female harassing her. Report taken. 

Other Law – Southview Dr. In reference to a Doordash delivery driver, requesting assistance due to possible issues with a customer. Complainant re-contacted and advised police to cancel prior to police arrival, due to that they were leaving the scene. All ok. 

Suspicious Vehicle – E Fambrough St. In reference to a black jeep and van in the yard, occupied by at least one white male per the complainant. Subjects on scene advised that they live in the apartment complex and that they were just outside talking. There was no crime committed. All ok. 

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