MPD Reports: Woman revived by Narcan; homeless mother and daughter given temporary shelter; 12-year-old calls to complain about aunt taking away her phone

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 18 – 25, 2024. Due to the length this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute – South Broad Street – In reference to a named subject banging on the doors and windows of the trailer. He was gone when officers arrived and no crimes were committed. Report taken.
  • Other Law – Davis St – In reference to a female subject being homeless and not having a place to stay for her and her daughter. Contact made with Cindy little who secured a room for her at Haven Inn. They were transported to Haven Inn without incident.
  • Med Assist – Quality Inn – Flagged down by hotel manager in reference to a male subject fell and hit his head. The subject was bleeding from a laceration in the back of his head. He was turned over to a Med unit.
  • Dispute – S Broad St: Dollar General: In reference to a male subject disputing with two other subjects in the Southside Mobile Home Park.
  • Assist – W Spring St. Peach State Federal Credit Union – Female subject was unable to see due to a procedure at Piedmont Walton. I spoke to her parents and they came to the location and picked her and her car up.
  • Dispute – Harris St – In reference to a named female subject (Mental Patient inquiring about the Temporary Protection Order process and divorce process for her husband. She was advised of the process.
  • Theft Report – MLK JR BLVD; Tractor Supply: In reference to a lost/stolen wallet. Report taken.
  • Dispute – South Broad St in reference to a named male subject was at the residence trying to get inside but wife would not let him in. He was gone when officers arrived. The female subject filled out a TPO on the male and waiting on a judge to issue it.
  • EMS Assist – Shamrock Drive – In reference to a female that was unconscious and not breathing. Upon arrival the female began responding and Officers were told by people in the residence they had given her Narcan. Female refused medical treatment.
  • Damaged Property – Alcovy St: In reference to a white substance that was pushed inside the door lock and dried. Report taken.
  • Fraud – Davis St – In reference to a male subject allegedly using a female subject’s food stamps. Report taken.
  • Theft Report – Oak St: In reference to a 12-year-old s calling about her aunt taking her phone away as punishment for getting in trouble at school. Juvenile turned over to her guardian.
  • Theft – Walker Drive – In reference to a female subject agreeing to rent a room to another and later telling her she could no longer move in. When the prospective tenant requested her money back, the prospected renter was unable to return it due to already spending it. She was placed in custody for theft by deception.
  • Harassment – MPD: Complainant stated her incarcerated boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was harassing her via social media. Remedies advised and report taken
  • Suspicious Person – Pavilion Parkway; Five Below – In reference to a black male in a black jacket banging on the doors of the store. Male was gone when officer arrived. Extra patrol requested.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – W Spring St; Shanes – In reference to a red passenger car on location for multiple months.
  • Dispute – Indian Creek Dr – In reference to couple in a dispute. The female subject broke a window of the residence that she no longer resides at. She was issued a disorderly conduct citation. Remedies advised.
  • Loud Music – Tacos and Beer – No excessively loud music noted on location. Manager stated that the upstairs bar area was closed for the evening as well. All okay.
  • Traffic Stop – W Spring Street & Paradise Shops – White Ford van stopped for equipment violation. The driver was arrested and released on citation for driving without a valid license. Vehicle impounded.
  • Dispute – Hwy 78; Waffle House – In reference to a dispute on location in which a wallet had possibly been stolen. Upon arrival on scene all involved parties had left the premises. No specific crime was committed.
  • Loud Music – S Broad St; – Area extensively checked. Negative contact.
  • Abandoned Vehicle – W Spring & Mountain View Dr – In reference to a vehicle left unoccupied in the roadway. Vehicle ran out of gas, removed from roadway by owner
  • Fraud – S Broad St – In reference to a female subject reporting an ex-boyfriend possibly hacking her phone and bank account.
  • Juvenile Problem – Pine Park – Male and female subject arguing about school. DFCS report made. The female was transported to Carver Middle School.
  • Hit & Run – Ridge Rd @ Plaza Dr; In reference to a female subject’s vehicle being struck by another vehicle that left the scene. Report taken. Investigation pending.

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