MPD Reports: Woman shot at with BB gun; two women arrested for affray; juveniles damage property and slew of entering autos

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 23 – 30, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Suspicious Vehicle – Edwards St & Ford St in reference to a black passenger car blocking the roadway, contacted the owner who removed the vehicle from the roadway.

Dispute – East Church St in reference to a dispute between two parties. Mobile Crisis contacted. Evaluation completed along with juvenile complaint form.

Enter Auto – South Madison Ave, Comp did not want a report due to no items being taken from the vehicle. Two subjects, one wearing a white shirt was seen looking in a jeep.

Other Law – South Madison Ave in reference to fans rushing the field, area checked, all appeared ok.

Enter Auto – South Madison Ave, vehicle was left unlocked, suspects entered the vehicle and took the complainant’s wallet. DL, Bank Cards, Credit Cards were inside of the wallet. The Wallet was located in the tree
line near W Creek Circle. Above items are still missing. Contact was made with two suspicious subjects. Information was obtained ref the two subjects and attached to report. Ongoing investigation.

Juvenile Complaint -McDonald’s. Manager of McDonalds following up on a damage to property call from this past Sunday by juveniles loitering in the parking lot and causing significant damage to the facilities restroom. Owners and staff stated that they now have a zero-tolerance policy on any loitering on site.

Mental Person – Creek View Ct. Subject having an ongoing delusion about all of her neighbors attempting to burglarize her residence. There is evidence of this occurring.

Suspicious Person – W Creek Circle and W Creek Ct, Subject was located walking down the road, due to recent entering autos in the area, contact was made. He stated he did not live on W Creek Cir and was headed to Lacey St. He has history with entering autos

Suspicious Person – Hammock Park, located a male sleeping in a hammock after hours, he was identified and advised to leave the location due to the park being closed.

Suspicious Vehicle – Tanglewood in reference to a vehicle illegally parked on the wrong side of the road with the doors open and three female subjects inside. All ok.

Dispute – West Spring St in reference to a dispute between two parties. Report Taken

Suspicious Vehicle – Tanglewood in reference to a female subject walking around appearing to be intoxicated. Made contact with subject who advised me everything was ok.

Dispute – Chestnut Ln in reference to a verbal dispute between two parties. One subject left on her own accord, all ok.

Stolen Vehicle – Classic Trail- In reference to the complainant stating their vehicle was stolen overnight. Report taken.

Entering Auto – Colquitt Street – Complainant advised someone entered his vehicle after 0400 hours this date. No items were taken. Report made.

Warrant Service – Parkway Drive/Virginia Court – In reference to assisting Walton County Sheriff’s Office with a warrant service on a male subject. He had active warrants for domestic violence that occurred in the city.

Fight – Harris St at Davis St. – In reference to Officers observing an active fight. Officer arrested two females for Affray.

Theft Report – Etten Dr. In reference to medication being stolen from the complainant. Report taken.

Suspicious Person – W. Spring St; Walmart – In reference to Loss Prevention following someone they believed was going to shoplift. Loss prevention requested the male subject be criminally trespassed.

Traffic Stop Magnolia Terrace – In reference to a named subject driving a motorcycle not registered to him with no valid tag or insurance. He was issued a notice of license suspension and the bike was towed.

Dispute Violent – Davis Street – In reference to a female subject shooting a BB gun at another female subject while she was sitting in the driver seat of her car. The BB struck the door just below the glass. Warrants taken on the shooter for Aggravated Assault.

Entering Auto Attempt – Subject attempting to enter both of the complainant’s vehicles. Report taken.

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