MPD Reports: Woman suspects she was drugged; man wants police to get his sister to leave him alone so he can go to church

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 27 – Aug. 3, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • EMS Assist – N Broad Street, Robinson subject called 911 due to feeling well after a male subject gave her an alcoholic drink. Robinson requested to go to Piedmont Walton, per her request she was transported by PD. Robinson was worried about possibly being drugged by the male subject.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – HWY 11 at Charlotte Rowelle in reference to a vehicle driving 35 M.P.H.. Negative contact.
  • Civil Issue – Ridge Road E in reference to a male subject who wanted the police to find his sister to leave him alone and let him go to church.
  • Civil dispute – Pine Park St. In reference to a couple having a dispute. Remedies advised.
  • Damage to Property – E. Marable St: Verbal dispute between a mother and her adult daughter. Daughter was locked out of the residence. Daughter kicked the door open to gain entry into the residence where she resides. Complainant was advised of the eviction process.
  • Suspicious Person – S Broad Street: located the female suspicious person. She had groceries and advised she was going to Davis St. I provided a Courtesy lift to that address.
  • Traffic Stop – E Church and Ash St. Male subject was stopped for window tint, discovered he was operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license. He was transported to the Monroe Police Department to be finger printed. Suspended License citation was issued.
  • Traffic Stop -E Church Street at Tall Oaks Drive. Male subject was stopped due to an odor of marijuana odor. Probable cause search was conducted to due odor. Over 3lbs of marijuana was located in the vehicle, 85 THC cartridges, THC wax, 40 MDMA tablets, and a firearm were located in the vehicle. Along with over $400.00 in cash. The subject was placed under arrest for possession with intent and multiple other felony charges. The vehicle was impounded and taken to the Monroe Police Department. Seizure paperwork to be completed.
  • Theft Report – W Highland Ave – report of a forged check in the business name being cashed. Report taken.
  • Power Lines – Poplar St. – Power line was down at 580 Poplar Street in the County. Walton County Sheriff’s Office was notified.
  • Damage to Property – McDaniel St: Report of a private property accident at Harry’s Marathon. Parties exchanged info on scene. Civil remedies advised.
  • Suspicious Person -Lakeview Dr and Kelton Rd: Male subject was walking in the roadway of the neighborhood. Contact made to check welfare and to ensure no criminal activity was afoot. The subject was dealing with a mental illness issue. Contact was made with his parents. He did return home and the parents were provided information for Advantage.
  • Dispute -Piedmont Walton: Patient called due to the staff not letting her leave, patient was under a doctor’s 1013.
  • Civil Dispute/Threats – Felker St: Complainant did not want to Criminal Trespass the suspect or press charges for threats that were made. Civil dispute over property. Remedies advised.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Michael Etchison Rd: Dodge charger located on the side of the road with blood on the driver’s side. Inventory conducted a firearm was located. Vehicle was secured at Taylor’s, CID notified.

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