MPD Reports: Woman taken to the hospital after swallowing meth at traffic stop; entering auto reports/arrest

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Aug. 24 – 31, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Loud Music – Atha – In reference to loud music coming from the same residence across the street of Chevron, the homeowner took the speaker inside.
  • Traffic Stop – Hwy 78E at Unisia Dr. In reference to a named male subject pulled over for tail light violation. He was arrested for driving on suspended license and was transported to MPD to be fingerprinted and released on citations. Vehicle towed by Taylor’s. Report taken.
  • Suspicious vehicle – Hwy 78 & N Broad St: Complainant advised of vehicle failing to maintain lane and speeding. The area was checked and negative contact was made.
  • Threats – White Oak Ln: In reference to the complainant advising his ex-girlfriend was accusing him of spreading rumors about their prior relationship, shortly after, Wyatt received text messages from an unknown male threatening to assault him. He was explained the Temporary Protection Order process. Report taken.
  • Criminal Trespass – S Broad St;. In reference to a white male wearing a black pants and black or navy blue backpack entering the residence. Subject was gone when officers arrived. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person – West Spring – In reference to a male subject with a mask walking down the road. All okay – subject advised he was going to his grandmother’s house.
  • Harassing – Overlook Trail – In reference to a male subject being harassed with repeat phone calls from an unknown caller. Remedies advised.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Valero East Spring – In reference to a male subject who stated a Peach State truck tried to hit him as he crossed the road. Report taken.
  • Follow Up – Mr. Quicks East Spring St other party flagged down Cpl. Robertson from the incident that happened at Valero, from the testimony and written statement from him and a witness that observed the subject running after the vehicle and yelling at the driver of the vehicle. The subject was arrested on the charges of disorderly conduct, giving false statement, false report of a crime, pedestrian in the roadway. The jail refused the subject due to heart rate elevated, Piedmont Walton advised he would have to have stress test done he was left at Piedmont Walton and Warrants were taken for his arrest.
  • Dispute – Unisia Dr; Walmart Distribution Center: In reference to an open line call advising dispatch could hear a female yelling at a male to get out of a truck. Several attempts to contact and locate subjects were attempted but negative contact was made.
  • Suspicious person call – Hwy 78; Walton Truck Stop. In reference to a named male subject being on location refusing to leave after an extensive amount of time. The subject was issued a criminal trespass warning for five years and sent on his way. Report taken.
  • Dispute call) Highschool Ave; Pilot Park. In reference to a verbal dispute between a male and a female. The Temporary Protection Order process was explained. The male subject was gone when officers arrived
  • Mental Person – Union St; – A female subject reporting a male subject was assaulting her and having a mental episode. The male subject was arrested for Simple Battery-FV and Criminal Trespass-FV and was taken to Walton County Sheriff’s Office Jail without incident.
  • Damage to Property – East Church St- Complainant called about a yard worker scratching her vehicle. Report taken.
  • Juvenile Complaint – South Madison Ave – Female subject called in reference to her 14-year-old daughter not going to school and running away from her father. Report taken, Juvenile court notified.
  • Theft Report – Monroe PD- Complainant came to report his vehicle was broken into last Thursday night at Felker Park. Report taken. Sent to CID for their records.
  • Warrant Service – S Hubbard Street- Attempted to make contact with a female subject at her residence in reference to a warrant for simple battery. Negative contact.
  • Entering Auto – East Spring St – Subject called in reference to several vehicles being entered during the night. Report taken. One male subject was placed under arrest for criminal trespass, a second suspect was also identified.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Hwy 78, Aycock Ave- Complainant called about being cut off by a semi-truck. Contact was made with the semi-truck driver at the Walton truck stop. All okay.
  • Traffic Stop/ Arrest – M.L.K. Jr Blvd- Vehicle stopped for no license plate. Male and female subject arrested for Poss Sched II-Meth, Poss Sched II-Oxycodone, and other charges. The female subject swallowed an unknown amount of methamphetamine and was transported to Piedmont Walton by Walton EMS (warrant to be taken). The male subject taken to WCSO jail without incident.
  • Theft Report – E Spring St, Monroe Motor Inn- In reference to two female subject having their items stolen from outside of their motel room. Report taken.
  • Theft Report – Bold Springs Rd- Complainant called about stolen cooking oil that was taken from the Monroe Golf and Country Club. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person – Hwy 138 & W Spring St- Family panhandling on the side of the road. Contact was made and the party was dispersed.
  • Firearms – Wellington Dr. – Reference to residents hearing gunshots from the area across the pond. Neighbors state that they heard it a few days ago as well. Area from which it is believed to be coming from is 789 Nicolas Ct. area. Negative contact with any persons with firearms at that location.
  • Juvenile Problem – Store House Ct. – In reference to the complainant advising her daughter did not come home from school today. She was able to locate her daughter at an after school program her child was enrolled in.
  • Dispute – E Fambrough St; – Male subject arrested for family violence battery against sister. The subject was transported to WCSO without incident.

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