MPD Reports: Woman takes iron rod to a vehicle in domestic dispute, leaves when police arrive then returns to inflict more damage when they leave

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incident reports for the period June 10 – 17, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Lost Item – Plaza Drive at Seven Seas Auto: in reference to a lost dealer tag. Report taken. 

Dispute – Bryant Street. In reference to a couple in a dispute over cheating. The male was gone prior to the officer’s arrival. Negative contact with him. He has active warrants out of Newton County. 

Suicide Attempt – Tanglewood Ln in reference to a 21-year-old was attempted to take unknown medication. Turned over to EMS. 

Domestic Dispute – Felker St: In reference to a female taking an iron rod and damaging a vehicle. She left the scene in a white Kia Soul as Law Enforcement arrived on location. She has active warrants out of Walton County Sheriff’s Account. Report made. 

Domestic Dispute – Felker St: In reference to the previous call. The female comes back on location and causes more damage to the vehicle. She was gone again before Law Enforcement’s arrival. 

Dispute – Tall Oaks West: In reference to a verbal altercation between a female and a male tenant. He was placed under arrest and released on citations for DUI. Report made. 

Dispute -GW Carver Dr in reference to a dispute between a complainant and a named subject who allegedly struck the complainant in the face leaving a scratch on his face. The subject was arrested for Battery. 

Suicide Attempt – West Spring St in reference to subject taking approximately 10 Gabapentin pills. Turned over to EMS. 

Suspicious Vehicle -S Broad Street in reference to a silver truck almost running the complainant off the road. The vehicle was observed failing to maintain the lane, the driver was intoxicated, and he possessed an open container in the vehicle. He was arrested. 

Suspicious Vehicle) Davis St & Pine Park St. Reference to a silver Nissan car stopped in the roadway. Further investigation led to the arrest of a male and a female for possession of marijuana less than 1 oz. The male was also charged with giving a false name and date of birth and the female was charged with obstruction of an officer. 

Traffic Stop -South Broad / Vine Street. Reference to a black Ford Expedition stopped for an obscured tag. Further investigation led to the arrest of a male for active arrest warrants out of WCSO. 

Suspicious Person – Breedlove Drive in reference to a Juvenile running away from Ridge View hospital and refusing to go inside. The juvenile volunteered to go inside the hospital and do the interview. 

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