MPD Reports: Women, and juveniles, behaving badly; driver laying drag in parking lot strikes parked vehicle and flees before police arrive

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period March 7 – 14, 2024. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Public Intox – Tacos and Beer: In reference to a subject extremely intoxicated and urinating on the front patio. She was turned over to EMS and transported to Piedmont Walton.
  • Damage To Property – Lacy St – In reference to a damaged vehicle. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person – Male subject agreed to go to Advantage Behavioral Health in Athens due to him being homeless and struggling with addiction. He has previously been seen at Advantage on a prior date. After calling Advantage, they advised they were at capacity and could not take him.
  • Dispute – Douglas St in reference to a female subject arguing with her neighbor because his dog got off the leash and came onto her property. Both parties called each other names. Remedies were advised.
  • Traffic Stop – Walker Drive at Mary St in reference to traffic stop on a Dodge Charger. The driver was given a citation for Child restraint and the passenger was given a citation for possession of marijuana less than an ounce.
  • Juvenile Problem – W. Spring St in reference to two subjects went into the store and threatened the employee. Both subjects ran from the officer. Both subjects were caught and were charged with obstruction. One was charged with theft by taking.
  • Juvenile Problem) Bridgeport Pl. – Juveniles on location being rude to the resident of the property. She wanted them off of the property. I told them to go home and they left.
  • Suspicious Person – E. Spring St. – Female subject was criminally trespassed indefinitely from the Valero for being belligerent, loud and intoxicated on the premises.
  • Other Law – Meadowbrook Drive – Male subject reported after buying a Hellcat on March 4 he has had multiple suspicious persons coming into his driveway looking at the vehicle. Due to the type of vehicle he requested extra patrol with the belief someone is trying to steal it.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Hwy 78 @ Aycock Ave – In reference to a vehicle on the side of the road and partially in the roadway. Area patrolled with negative contact.
  • Assault – Meadow View Dr – In reference to a female subject reporting that she was assaulted earlier this date, at the Chevron located at E Church St. Officers conducted a follow up at the Chevron and viewed video footage of the assault. The offenders were identified and warrants were taken on both; One was located and arrested for the assault. An attempt to locate the subject was conducted, with negative findings. He currently has active warrants.
  • Traffic Stop – Davis Street @ Pine Park St. – Male subject was stopped for a traffic violation. He was taken into custody for a parole violation warrant and transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Fleeting Ct – In reference to a black Mazda SUV parked beside the complainant’s driveway for four days. The registered owner was able to be located and he was visiting family from out of state. All okay.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – W Spring; Walmart – In reference to dark in color Escalade, observed driving reckless in the parking lot. It was advised that the vehicle had an odor of marijuana coming from it. Area checked, negative contact.
  • Disabled Vehicle – Hwy 78 EB / N Broad Exit – In reference to a blue 2004 Audi on the side of the
  • roadway. The owner advised he would get a tow truck next date, and had someone pick him up. All ok.
  • Juvenile Complaint – N Broad St; Scoops – In reference to two male juveniles harassing customers. Subjects were gone when officers arrived. Officers checked the area for the subjects with negative contact.
  • Loitering – Martin Luther King Blvd. – Multiple subjects and vehicles on location laying drag. PD has responded on multiple occasions in the past due to the ongoing issue. Officers observed multiple tire marks in the parking lot. One parked vehicle belonging to Carmichael’s was struck and the suspect left the scene. Multiple subjects were issued loitering tickets. The Traffic Unit was able to identify the suspect who left the scene after striking a vehicle.
  • Missing Person – S Broad St; – In reference to a subject reporting a 14-year-old missing. The juvenile was located and returned home. All ok.
  • Firearms – Clubside Dr – In reference to the complainant hearing approximately 4 gunshots in the area. Area checked, all ok.
  • Prowler – Ridge Rd – In reference the complainant hearing someone outside of his residence. Area checked, and contact made with the subject. All ok.
  • Dispute – Sporty Lane: Verbal dispute between two subject. Investigation determined one committed robbery and interference with a 911 call. Warrants taken.
  • Dispute – N Broad Street – Customers on location disputing with staff. Officers arrived on location and subjects advised the situation was resolved. All okay on location.
  • Threats – Unisia Dr – In reference to a subject reporting that another subject was at her house in violation of her Family Violence Order. The subject was located at the residence and taken into custody without incident

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