MPD Reports: Work vehicle stolen; harassment complaint over animal issues and dating friend’s ‘baby daddy’

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 17 – 24, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge reports does not constitute a conviction.

Traffic control – East Church St. and Felker St. Assisted MUN with tree removal and power restoration. 

Traffic control – South Madison Ave. and Felker Park. Assisted MUN with tree removal and power restoration. 

Suspicious person – East Church St., Chestnut Cupboard. 

Power lines down – Tanglewood Dr. School bus unable to gain access to rest of neighborhood due to low hanging lines. MUN advised and responded. 

Suspicious vehicle – South Broad St. and East 5th St. near Carwash. Unoccupied vehicle with no tag on location. Vehicle was secure and was logged on location. 

Stolen Vehicle – GW Carver Dr. Ref to a white Chev Cruz that was used by a friend that was arrested. Vehicle was not impounded, and repo logs were checked. Vehicle was located and disabled by the dealership in Carlton GA and was determined not to be stolen, all ok. 

Dispute – Bridgeport Ln. Complainant disputing with neighbor over trash burning, request report only. 

Prisoner transport – Alcovy St. Ref to State Parole requesting we transport a subject to jail for a parole violation warrant. 

Dispute – Breedlove Dr., Medlink. Contact made with the medical staff who advised they over heard a conversation one of their patients was having while on the phone. Medical staff requested the well being of the patient be checked. Patient advised all was ok. 

Scam – South Broad St. Complainant reported receiving scam calls about a free back brace. She was advised not to send or give any money. Handled by phone. 

Harassment – West Spring St.. Ref to complainant receiving threatening text from her friend because complainant dating friend’s baby daddy. 

Dispute – Alcovy St. Ref to complainant wanting to report harassment from her unknown neighbor over calling Animal Control all the time. 

Suspicious vehicle – HW78 and Southview Dr. Abandoned vehicle in the roadway on a curve. Vehicle removed by Taylor’s. 

Traffic stop – North Broad St. and Charlotte Rowell. Tip given to officer of a driver that was Driving while license is suspended. Passenger fled on foot into an apartment in Tanglewood. Female driver was arrested for DWLS, vehicle impounded by Jays. Area of Tanglewood searched with negative contact. 

Dispute – Glen Iris Drive. Two parties involved in a physical dispute. Was unable to determine Primary Aggressor on scene. Parties were separated. 

Dispute – Michael Cir. In reference to a civil dispute between the complainant and her husband. Complainant advised that they are currently going through a divorce since July and she has been living with her sister in Conyers since July as well. Complainant also claimed that her husband damaged some of her property. 

Traffic Stop – N Broad St at Deer Acres Inn. – Officer observed a vehicle failing to maintain lane. During the course of the traffic stop it was determined the driver was DUI. He was arrested, finger printed and released on copies. 

Shoplifting – Hwy 78. Truck Stop. In reference to shoplifting that occurred earlier. Subject stole two cases of Corona, and ran from the store at approximately 0115 hours. The total cost of theft was $72.72. Report taken 

Suspicious Person – E Marable St at N Madison Ave. – Officer observed a male riding a bicycle. The subject was a juvenile. He was identified and taken to his residence. An information report was created. 

Stolen Vehicle – Mayfield Drive (Peachstate Disposal) in reference to complainant having a work vehicle stolen earlier this date between 01:00 – 06:00 hours. 

Hit-&-Run – South Broad Street (MPD) in reference to subject having their vehicle struck on Booth Drive. Subject was in Rutledge and advised they would contact later. 

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