Update: N. Broad (Hwy 11N) re-opened at 3 p.m. following cleanup of overturned tanker truck

Monroe Fire Chief Andrew Dykes reported at 3 p.m. that the road has been cleared and reopened following the tractor truck carrying hazardous materials overturned on Tuesday morning.

Overturned tanker truck and trailer on N. Broad St. in Monroe on June 14, 2022 Photo credit: Monroe Fire Department

The driver of the tanker truck was not injured

Officials with Walton County Fire and Monroe Fire Department report that the shutdown at the North Broad Entrance due to an overturned tanker truck will probably continue for several hours. A detour has been established to enable the road to be cleared.

“A detour has been established at Charlotte Rowell and at Highway 78. The truck is loaded with hazardous materials and will need to be offloaded before it can be removed,” WCFR Assistant Chief Craig League said. “This section of Highway 11 will be closed for several more hours.”

Geirgua Department Of Transportation is on location. Monroe Fire Chief Andrew Dykes said fortunately the driver was not injured.

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