National Weather Service is using the ‘S’ word in future local area predictions

It is still two weeks out, and we know how these weather forecast can change in hours, much less days, but the National Weather Service has the “potential” for winter weather in its long term predictions for this month. Yes, it is flirting with the ‘S’ word before Christmas Day, but I wouldn’t rush out to stock up on bread and milk just yet. It has been dropping the word in and out of predictions for the last two weeks and today it is warning of the potential of rain and show showers overnight Dec. 15-16, 2017.

According to the latest predictions from, there is a 30 to 40 percent chance of a rain/snow shower mix in Walton County 11 or so days out,  but the National Weather Service is predicting the possibility of a snowy mix a little sooner, this Thursday in fact. So when you head out to the Monroe Christmas Parade, be sure to bundle up, just in case. The possibility at the moment, however, is only 20 percent and it isn’t expected until after midnight.

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