New All Way Stop Coming to SR 211 in Barrow

press release from the georgia department of transportaton

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WINDER – Weather permitting, Georgia Department of Transportation construction partners is converting the Barrow County State Route (SR) 211 at Pleasant Hill Church Road intersection to an all way stop effective Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Flashing stop signs will be placed on each/every approach of the intersection.

Message boards will alert the public to the change ahead of the conversion. Drivers should be aware of the upcoming change, slow down and prepare to stop at the intersection.

Here are some four-way stop safety tips to keep in mind, courtesy of the Georgia Department of Driver Services 2021-2022 Drivers Manual:

  • At a four-way intersection where all drivers are faced with stop signs, all drivers must yield to pedestrians; otherwise the vehicles should proceed through the intersection in a “first to arrive, first to proceed order.” If two vehicles reach the intersection at approximately the same time, yield to any vehicles on your right;
  • Take your turn when it comes if it is safe to do so; do not unnecessarily delay traffic;
  • If another driver tries to take your turn, even if you have the right-of-way, let the other driver proceed. It might prevent a crash;
  • Stop lines are white lines painted across the pavement at intersections. Drivers must come to a complete stop at the line, not beyond the line or at the stop sign;
  • Care, courtesy and common sense should govern your actions.

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