New Facebook page set up for Monroe-Walton Center for the Arts after hack of previous one

Art enthusiasts from Walton County are asked to “like” and follow the new page

After many frustrating attempts to recover the hacked Facebook page of Monroe-Walton Center for the Arts, director Hope Reese finally resolved to start over and is asking the thousands of follows who were lost along with the page, to join the newly created one.

“If you have tried to visit our Facebook page in the last couple of weeks, you may have encountered some problems. Our page was hacked and sadly all the work we’ve done in the last few years is GONE. All our followers and likes, gone. This is a huge loss to our ability to grow our reach and keep our art-loving public informed. It’s been especially frustrating that Meta allowed this to happen and has been no help to us,” she said. “But onward and upward… We have a new page and are working to build content.  Type “@” then Monroe Walton Center for the Arts to tag us.  We use these hashtags: #monroewaltonarts #mwcaartistsmarket #mwcachristmasshop.

“We have lost thousands of followers, so please like, follow and share our new page as much as possible.  This is more important than you probably know. Every week, we have many people come in who say they learned about our shop, classes and events through social media,” Reese said.

Click or tap on the new Facebook page at this link and then share it with everybody you know in the local art community to reestablish those all important connections.

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