New ramp built for ‘honorary sergeant’ battling cancer

After seeing a post about Walton County Sheriff’s Christmas Day special for Timmy West by a visit from several members of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, Wayne Cornelius noted the ramp at the house looked like it needed some repair. So he checked with the family and then went about taking care of the materials and then making sure it got done. This past weekend, he with a little help built the new ramp for the “honorary cop’ who is currently battling cancer.
From left, Wayne Cornelius, Timmy West and David Ramey after constructing a new ramp. Chris West, (not pictured) worked the saw. Contributed photo
Timmy has been an honorary police officer since 1990 when the Monroe Police Department bestowed the honor on him and is now an honorary sergeant with WCSO. His sister, Brandi West, said her brother has loved law enforcement all his life and both WCSO and the Monroe Police Department have helped to foster that love.
Timmy was born in 1983 with cerebral palsy and weighing just 3 pounds. Doctors told the family he would likely not live beyond 10 years of age. Well, he defied those odds, but the 36-year-old now has another battle on his hands. On his birthday, Oct. 22, 2019, Timmy was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. His family says that despite treatments, he continues to battle the disease and has a huge battle on his hands.
A Medical Fundraiser has been set up to help in this battle. Click or tap on this link or the link below if you are able to help. If you are unable to contribute, please share the link – and the family would appreciate your prayers.
“(You can) never have enough of those,” West said.

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Post below from WCSO Facebook page – visit by law enforcement on Christmas Day, 2019.



The Walton County Sheriff’s Office later posted on Facebook that even though deputies were working over the holiday, they wanted to take some time to give their biggest supporter a very special Christmas.

Timmy has cerebral palsy. He weighed just 3 pounds at birth in 1983. The doctors told the family he most likely would not live to see age 10. Timmy is now 36, but was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer ON HIS BIRTHDAY on October 22, 2019. After several chemotherapy treatments, this cancer isn’t giving up! Timmy’s family needs funds to keep him going for treatments! This is A BATTLE! Any gift, small or large is much appreciated. If you can not contribute financially, please share this. Thank you all!!!

Sgt.Timmy West got a big Christmas surprise! All of a sudden 9cops blocked his house and showed out!This Angel deserves every minute of it.There is nothing he lives for more than his partners.They dont know they are the reason he has a reason to fight!He is so strong and loves his partners in blue.Each one wrote Timmy a card&gave him presents (

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