Newberry seeks a return to Loganville City Council

By Chris Bridges - the walton tribune

Lisa Newberry has a strong sense of community. It’s why the former Loganville City Council member is looking to return to elected office. Newberry recently announced she will run for a seat on the council later this year after previously serving from 2018-2022.

Official qualifying begins Aug. 21. Newberry did not seek reelection last year as she had to help her father take care of her mother who had become ill. After her mother passed away, Newberry decided to go for a return to local politics.

“When I ran the first time my children had graduated from Loganville High School and I had more free time,” she said

Newberry started volunteering which led to her serving on committees and then to a seat on the city council.

“I wanted to know more about city government,” she said. “I learned a lot and I still have a lot to learn.”

When she first ran for council Newberry’s slogan was “Lisa Listens.” This time it will be “Experience Matters.”

“My words are real,” Newberry said. “I am out in the community. I am involved. I listen to people and their opinions. I will always listen to the citizens and base my votes on what the residents, taxpayers and businesses want.”

The Loganville City Council elections have three seats up each election. The top three vote gainers obtain seats. Incumbents up for reelection this year include Bill DuVall, Jay Boland and Linda Dodd. Newberry said DuVall has told her he is running again but she has not heard about Boland and Dodd’s re-election plans.

“The big issues to me are public safety and managing growth,” said. “Those issues go hand in hand. We need a police force and fire department to keep up with the growth. We have to make sure we have a safe city. We need to manage growth and, at times, we need to slow it down.”

Newberry said she will do some door-to-door campaigning as well as speaking to citizens at city events. She said she has been contacted by many voters asking her to run again.

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