Not everything is what it seems

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Update: The owner is Chase Matthews and he posted the full story on his Youtube Channel. Click or tap on the link below to watch it on Facebook.

Motorists in Monroe were treated to what may have seemed like quite a frightening scene Tuesday afternoon. A military looking hummer with rubber treads was driving through the streets of Monroe with what looked like a gun mounted on top. The driver, however, was in civvies and did not look like he was affiliated with any official military operation.

The driver was pulled over at the Walmart and Dunkin Donut intersection by Georgia State Patrol and City of Monroe police and a tow truck was summoned to load the vehicle up and haul it off.

Motorists passing by took photographs and wondered what the story. GSP Trooper Cpl. Cal Barton has now filled in the details.

“I stopped him for impeding the flow of traffic. Then he had some mechanical issues so I called a wrecker for him to tow it back to the shop. I stopped to address an issue and then helped him to a parking lot and got him a tow truck,” Barton said. “The tracks are rubber so it’s not illegal. It’s registered and has insurance so all is good.”

And the gun?

“The gun is a replica,” Barton said.

Photo credit: Houston McClurkan

Not everything is always what it seems, but this did provided some afternoon interest for motorists in Monroe and got a few of them some cool photographs to share on Facebook.

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