Nov. 8 is National Cappuccino Day, celebrate at a local coffee shop

According to, today, Nov. 8, is National Cappuccino Day. Celebrate it by visiting your favorite coffee shop and grabbing a delicious cup of Cappuccino! We have several in our community.

This traditional Italian coffee drink is prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam.

According to, “the word cappuccino comes from the Capuchin friars and is the diminutive form of cappuccio in Italian, meaning hood or something that covers the head. This popular coffee beverage got its name not from the hood on their habits but from the color of the hooded robes that the friars wore.  (The Capuchin friars is an Order of friars in the Catholic Church, among the chief offshoots of the Franciscans.)”

Read more about Cappuccino Day on the National Day Calendar.

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