Now may be the time to look for that Bluebird of Happiness

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“Fifty years ago, the sightings of the Bluebird were true signs of warmer weather. But now, decades later and with milder winter temperatures, the bluebird has been a year-round resident in Walton County with nesting surroundings all across the state.”

This was the opening paragraph in a story on bluebirds in the latest issue of Walton Living Magazine by Melanie Ann Jackson.

She ended the article by noting that because of their friendliness and beautiful colors, bluebirds have been the subject of many songs and poems. The top favorite being  “Bluebird of Happiness.”

After the year we’ve had with the pandemic, exacerbated by an acrimonious election season, maybe we all need a little bit of that happiness promised by the Bluebird.

If you haven’t yet seen a copy of the 2020 issue of Walton Living Magazine, you can read the Bluebird of Happiness article by Melanie Jackson on pages 64 – 68 of the digital copy of Walton Living Magazine at this link. Or you can pick up a hard copy at the Walton County Chamber of Commerce, the city halls or libraries and some of the stores in town.

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