Obituary and funeral services: James Cody Parmer, 36, The man, the myth, the legend

James Cody Parmer (November 14, 1985 – December 24, 2021)- Sweet Pea, Codeman, Son, Brother, Uncle Cody or Cody. The scholar, the soccer star, the world traveler, the collector of oddities, the prankster, the pool shark, the self-appointed family arbitrator, the apple of my mother’s eye and the person I admired most in this world.

He carved his own path in life and generally only did what he wanted to do. He never went along with the crowd. He was the smartest person I’ve ever known and yet once booked a ticket to San Jose, CA thinking it was to Costa Rica, he was so excited it was so cheap- BIG, expensive surprise at the airport! He was the kid with whoopie cushions and fake bugs, then graduated to stink bombs, oh how Cody loved a good stink bomb. I imagined him sitting for hours thinking about ways to “pull one over” on somebody… just ask my Mom about his April Fool’s joke this year. As much as he loved a good prank, he was just as good at listening, offering advice, engaging you in these deep, thought-provoking conversations.

He loved finding treasures, whether it be raiding the lost and found at the pool hall or spending hours at second-hand stores, looking for a gem that someone had cast aside. He had a unique sense of style and didn’t care what anyone thought of him; his t-shirts were the BEST and his shoe collection would have rivaled that of Imelda Marcos! He loved playing cards and board games BUT only if he thought he could win, games of chance were not his thing and he was not above being a little shyster, he wouldn’t outright cheat, that was too easy, but he always wanted to give himself the advantage… SMART.

He traveled to far away places; went shark diving off the coast of Africa, bungee jumped off an old bridge in the middle of a rainforest and took a canoe down the Amazon River. He lived and did research at the Savannah River National Laboratory which was still heavily guarded due to its previous use as a vitrification site for nuclear waste, it’s hydrogen storage and production of tritium and plutonium. He’s been “skydiving and Rocky Mountain climbing” … the best trip Mom and I ever took was to pick up Cody after he spent a year as a caretaker at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. He had to ski down the mountain to meet us with long hair and a crazy beard! The whole car ride home, Cody and I rushed to call “backseat” because we didn’t want to be the onboard navigator (Mom had maps, lots of maps!). He knows how to lasso a lizard, yes that’s a thing and he could do it! He was a master at sarcasm and procrastination and pretty much anything else he set his mind to. He was our Legend, our source of pride and the other half of our hearts. It has been one of the greatest honors in life to call him ours- our baby boy, our best friend, our heart and our soul. You left your mark Codeman and we are all better people for having experienced everything that was you!

Please Join us to CELEBRATE




James “Cody” Parmer

Sunday, January 30, 2022

One o’clock in the afternoon

The Wayfarer Music Hall

123 N Lumpkin St, Monroe, GA 30655

In lieu of flowers nominal donations are welcome and appreciated, contact Tiffany for more information

Note: Please be mindful and considerate of this ONGOING pandemic hanging over all of us. Masks are optional. Do not attend if you have recently received a positive COVID test, have a fever, or have been recently exposed and are under quarantine. Please just use common sense, THANK YOU!

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