Obituary and Memorial Tribute to Tim Dodson, of Monroe

By Anita

Our life together began on a cold, rainy January night in 1975. Two shy and awkward strangers on a blind date set up by none other than our mothers. Well, I guess Mamas do know best because neither of us ever looked back.

It wasn’t love at first sight, as romantic as that would be. It was more comfort, a familiarity, a slow recognition of those qualities that mean the most that drew me to that 17-year old young man. Qualities that never dimmed but instead multiplied and strengthened with maturity.

If you were lucky enough to have known Tim, you understand what I mean. Beyond his quirky sense of humor stood a man of compassion, responsibility, love, and strength in his own quiet way. Everyone who met him liked him. Everyone who knew him loved him.

He was the selfless one who stood in the background, ever ready to do whatever was needed to help a friend or a stranger. People knew that they could count on Tim to fix whatever was broken (and believe me, that man could fix almost anything!), to catch the snake in their yard and carefully re-home it down by the river, to give them a ride wherever they needed to go and to be there to pick them up, literally or figuratively.

Our plan was to have two or three children. The good Lord’s plan was to bless us with one cherished daughter. Shay is the embodiment of her daddy. I credit Tim for the loving, caring, kind-hearted, smart, and funny woman she has become. He led by quiet example and he lives on in his “Rat-Rat” who he adored beyond measure.

Our little family grew to four when we welcomed Brian as Shay’s husband. Together they blessed us with the two most precious grandchildren ever born (okay, we may be slightly biased, but it’s true). Thirteen years ago the miracle that is Carson was born, followed two years later by our own little angel, Kendall.

To our grandkids, their Poppy was the smartest and toughest man on the planet. It was inconceivable to them that COVID could win. Tim fought long and hard against the virus that ravaged his body. We prayed……no, we begged on our knees for a miracle on this side of eternity. But our plan was not God’s plan and I can almost hear Him said “Good job Tim, come Home.”

Due to the COVID pandemic, we have chosen not to have a formal service. The risk of exposure is too great to all those who knew and loved Tim and would want to be there. We know beyond a doubt that this would be Tim’s wish.

We were blessed to have been with Tim a couple of days before, as well as at his passing. Therefore, we are self-quarantining for the appropriate amount of time. When sufficient time has passed that our family can be physically together, we will compile and share a pictorial memorial on Facebook.

In lieu of flowers and plants, we have posted links to two organizations close to Tim’s heart.

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