Obituary: Mary Yvonne DeLettre, 80, of Monroe

Mary Yvonne DeLettre of Monroe, Georgia passed away at the age of 80 on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. She was born on March 23, 1937 in Jacksonville, Florida to J.C. and May Wright, their first child. She has two brothers and two sisters, Wilburn and Wayne Wright, and Patricia Mixon and Sara Lee Duffield. The children were raised in Savannah, Georgia. After finishing school, she moved back to Jacksonville, living with her Aunt Sara Revord, working for Traveler’s Insurance. It was there that she met, fell in love, and married her husband of 61 years, James DeLettre. They were wed on August 13, 1955. They moved to Cocoa, Florida, where they would set down roots and start their family. Their firstborn was Mitchell DeLettre, born on September 7, 1957. The family grew with the addition of a second son, Bruce DeLettre, and a daughter, Yvette Austin. She worked for Brevard County, first at the DMV, then Fairglen Elementary School, so that she could keep a closer eye on that Yvette of her’s. Many of her coworkers were her friends, who she would see outside of work, supporting their children at ball games and chorus concerts together. In the mid-1970’s she was able to leave the workforce and be a stay at home mom and homemaker for the rest of her life. In 1983, Bruce preceded her to Heaven after an auto accident. After that, she moved with Popsie to the Atlanta area after he was transferred by his employer. In 1985 she gained another son, when Yvette married Mitchell Austin, who Yvette will tell you was loved by Yvonne before Yvette herself. November of 1986 her son Mitchell married Betsy Howald. She was then blessed with grandchildren, first Megan Delettre on August 24, 1988, and then Jacob Austin December 28 of the same year. She immediately began to spoil them and love them with everything she had and could. Conner Austin arrived on August, 6 1991, and her youngest grandson Cody DeLettre April 26, 1996, who immediately got their fair share of the spoiling. She was blessed with great grandchildren, but unfortunately not with as much time as she got with her grandchildren, just as she lost time with her oldest son Mitchell, when he passed away in March of 2010. She was known, beloved, and leaned on as a prayer warrior, happily fighting for anyone on their behalf, on her knees before her God. She spent her last years loving on her family, worshipping with her friends, investing in younger generations at her church. In December of 2016, she suffered a stroke which weakened her body, but not her resolve or faith. After putting up a fight she would have been known for by those who knew the fierceness she carried within her, she passed peacefully surrounded by family and loved ones.

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