Officials give update on status of Monroe Bypass

Construction expected to begin in 2022

Officials gave an update this week on the status of the State Route 83 Connector that will provide for a bypass of State Route 11 around downtown Monroe.

Georgia Rep. Bruce Williamson (R-Monroe) shared an update from the Georgia Department of Transportation noting that at this time the plan is for a let date in the summer of 2022. The let date is the date that GDOT would receive and open bids for the project. Construction usually begins within a couple of months of the let date.

At the moment, GDOT is in the process of acquiring right of way to construct the 4.7-mile connection that would provide the bypass around historic downtown Monroe. It would begin at SR 11 at about 1/2 mile south of the city limits, extending eastward and ending at SR 83.

SR 83 Connector – Credit: Georgia Department of Transportation

According to the project notes on the GDOT site, “construction would terminate at SR 83; however, the connector would tie into the existing intersection of James Huff Road and SR 10/US 78. The proposed typical section along the SR 83 Connector would consist of two 12-foot lanes (one travel lane in each direction) with 10-foot outside shoulders (6.5 feet paved). At intersection locations, single 12-foot right and left-turn lanes would be provided. The existing segment of James Huff Road/SR 83 would remain as a two-lane roadway for approximately 0.73 miles from SR 83 at SR 83 Connector and would remain as a four-lane roadway with 12-foot travel lanes with a combination of a raised and depressed median for approximately 0.48 miles leading to SR 83 at SR 10/US 78.”

At this time, GDOT has managed to close one of the 83 parcels required in order to obtain the necessary property to begin construction.

“We have made progress in the Right of Way Acquisition phase of the project and are continuing to work through the major task of acquiring the 83 parcels,” GDOT noted in an update to Williamson, giving the following status on all of the parcels.

1 Closed

1 Option Pending

71 Being Appraised

10 Appraisals in Review (30 Days)

83 Total Parcels

For more information on the SR 83 Connector (Monroe Bypass) click or tap on this link.

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