Officials urge everyone to share video from Monroe on cyberbullying

The City of Monroe Police Department partnered with the Alcovy Judicial Circuit Courts, the District Attorney, Assistant D.A., Alcovy Circuit Judicial Superior Court Judge, Monroe Area High School, and media specialist, Dimitri Kakavelakis, in creating a video addressing the national epidemic surrounding cyberbullying.  The ½ hour teaching film was produced to be shown in public and private schools as well as to any other civic organization that may benefit from it.

“It is in response to the issue we have been facing of kids using social media and apps to bully one another,” Monroe Police Chief R.V. Watts reported at the August Monroe Called City Council meeting. “I urge everyone to look at the video. It is on our social media page and we are going to offer it to anyone who is willing to see it. We want to be that standard to set to educate not only the kids, but the parents and the community. We are seeing more and more active shooters and this is just one of the ways to try to prevent it from happening.”

Kakavelakis, the producer of the video, said it addresses the topics surrounding fear, hate, threats, harassment, cyberbullying, and bullying.

“Moreover, the scope of the film is to educate students, parents and community members about the proper steps to confront these aforementioned issues, in addition to the laws and repercussions surrounding related criminal behavior (i.e. sexting, underage pornography, terroristic threats, and delinquent behavior), all the while intervening before disaster strikes (i.e. suicide and active shooter situations),” Kakavelakis said. “For the incredible amount of time, research, and development involved in this production, I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity to have been chosen in helping deliver a message of hope and peace through education and active prevention.”

Click or tap on the link below for the full report and video produced by Kakavelakis and share it with anyone you believe will benefit by it.


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