On Stage Young Actors present hilarious Shakespeare parody

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Three of the Young Actors rehearse for their Shakespeare play. Alida Knobloch is in front, Brigid Murphy (top left) and Reese Hollandsworth (top right). Photo credit: Madison Connor.   

Actors 8-18 take on the Bard Feb. 2, 3 and 4

MONROE, Ga. – On Stage Playhouse, Monroe’s community theater, presents a rollicking comedy – “How to Survive Being in a Shakespeare Play” – featuring 13 talented young actors in three performances Feb. 2, 3 and 4.

Tickets are $15 and go on sale Jan. 19. Tickets are only available at www.onstagewalton.org with a credit card purchase.

“This play is an absolute laugh riot and a perfect showcase for the talented youngsters in our Young Actors Series,” said On Stage Artistic Director Marc Hammes. “Some day it’s going to happen: You’re going to find yourself on stage, wearing tights, and saying things in iambic pentameter. Face it, you’re in a Shakespeare play, and that means it’s a pretty good bet you’re going to DIE!” Hammes said. “The Bard is out for blood, but this play is here to stop him! How could Romeo and Juliet survive? Julius Caesar? A nameless soldier in Henry the Fifth? What if King Lear had an emotional support llama and didn’t need to make terrible mistakes? Join us in discovering how a dozen of Shakespeare’s plays could’ve turned out differently! If only they listened…”

The play is directed by On Stage veterans Vicki Wroble and Laura Griffin.

“I’m so excited to be co-directing the youth show again this year,” Wroble said. “We have some of the same actors and quite a few new ones as well. These actors are fabulous and are pouring their hearts into it. This show is different in that, except for the narrators, each actor has four-to-five different roles to play. It really stretches them, and I love seeing their growth!”

Griffin said: “One of the joys of working with young actors is watching them experience the feeling you get when you make an audience laugh.  It’s like nothing else, and this script gives every young actor many laugh lines, so I know they’re going to have a blast presenting it.  The other thing I love about young actors is that they tend to commit 100 percent to their job, and I know they also have an easier time memorizing lines than I do!”

The set was built by William McGregor, who has built sets, acted and directed in theaters across America.

The play was written by Don Zolidis and is presented by special arrangement with Stage Partners.

On Stage is located at 215 High School Avenue in Monroe. Free parking is available in the playhouse parking lot. Face masks are now optional for On Stage audiences. This is subject to change based on CDC recommendations.

ABOUT ON STAGE: On Stage, founded in 1971, seeks to promote community theater with its honored traditions. Our goal is to introduce, entertain, inspire and engage audiences with live performances. We strive to educate this and future generations in the arts and crafts of theater through workshops and performance.

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