Parent raises concerns about suspicious vehicle at school bus stop

A parent in the Youth area contacted the Walton County Sheriff’s Office last week after a neighbor reported that a man and a woman were at the school bus stop and seen taking photographs of her children when they returned home from school.

According to the incident report from WCSO, the neighbor had told her that a white male of average build, accompanied by a heavy set white female with multiple tatoos, were seen taking pictures of the children, the bus and the house. The man reportedly stayed in the car and the woman was taking the photographs.

The complaintant, Tiffany Studdard, whose home is on Natalie Ct, Loganville, in the Youth district, said the school bus driver had managed to obtain the tag number of the vehicle and Studdard gave it to the Sheriff’s office. She said it was a silver Toyota SUV, but the tag number did not come back as belonging to that vehicle. Studdard said WCSO had said they would put on extra patrol in the area.

“With sex trafficking being such a big thing now, it worries me, not only for my kids but for everyone’s,” Studdard said.

The incident reportedly happened on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018.


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