Parenting Ain’t for Punks: A guidebook by local author and counselor

press release from Tavis Taylor

No one truthful ever said being a good parent was easy.  Author, Coach and Inspirational Speaker Tavis C. Taylor reveals the truth in her new book.

“Finding a balance between affectionate and caring as a parent and knowing when to take a harder approach when dealing with teens can be one of life’s biggest challenges,” says Tavis C. Taylor, Monroe author and counselor, going on to say that her new book, “Parenting Ain’t For Punks,” helps parents navigate the often-difficult parent/child relationship. Taylor, known as the TransPARENT Mom, a coach, and speaker who has focused on family building and communication issues, from a perspective as a Christian and mother, who understands the realities of the modern world says “Parenting Ain’t for Punks” has been greeted with enthusiasm.

“It takes some deep thought and reflection to parent effectively,” Taylor said.  “But it can be done in a way, where the bonds that develop are stronger than ever and the teen is, most importantly, well prepared for the challenges and struggles they are likely to face both in the present and future.  It just takes a strong parent, not a punk, to be able to pull this off!”

According to the author in a press release about her new book, the main drive behind “Parenting Ain’t for Punks” is to provide powerful clarity, deeper understanding and actionable strategies that all lead to less pressure and better results when it comes to raising teenagers.  It also takes an interesting and revealing approach of asking the reader questions to reflect on about their own teen years, which can help build understanding and give tips on how to better respond congruently to relationships issues they may be facing with their own teen.

Taylor said early feedback for the book has been very positive. Christie B., said in a five-star review, “I was gifted ‘Parenting Ain’t for Punks’ at just the right moment.  After digging in, some of the mistakes I was making as a parent in the way I dealt with my teen sons have been made clear.  It’s hard to be a single mom, but Tavis can help if you’ll not only listen but also apply her valuable lessons.”

Tavis Taylor, Monroe, Ga.

About Tavis C. Taylor

Author. Empowerer. Motivational Speaker. Minister. Advocate of Positive Change. Proud Mom of 2 kids. MISSION: to inspire, uplift, and awaken people to their God-given potential.

Tavis C. Taylor is a passionate Minister, Author, and Motivational Speaker who has quickly earned the reputation as an ambassador of positive thinking and compassionate leader. Widely known for her personable, consultative, and down-to-earth approach, her inspirational work both in written and spoken form has an immediate transformative ripple effect on each participant and reader. Above all, she instills people with the tools they need to alter their perceptions and completely change their lives.

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