Peaceful protests continue in Monroe, Ga. in support of Black Lives Matter

Photo credit: Protest in support of Black Lives Matter in downtown Monroe on June 2, 2020. Darrell Everidge

Black Lives Matter protests continued in downtown Monroe following the death of George Floyd and subsequent arrest of the police officer implicated in the alleged murder in Minneapolis last month. The first one took place on Monday, June 1, followed by a second, larger one that afternoon. On the second occasion, protestors lay prone on the courthouse lawn with their arms behind their backs, symbolic of Floyd, who was handcuffed, when former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin placed his knee on his neck for more than 8 minutes, resulting in his death.

Monroe Mayor John Howard and organizer Trevor Tyson at Tuesday evening’s protest.

A third, and again larger protest, took place on Tuesday evening. That one was joined by another protest organized by Trevor Tyson and billed as one of peace, prayer, unity and togetherness. Tyson believes that hearts can change, beginning in Monroe and going national.

Mayor John Howard, Police Chief R.V. Watts, police officers and other community leaders were on hand for each of the protests. Water and food was given out and in some instances, community leaders such as Councilmembers Norman Garrett and Myoshia Crawford joined in walking the block with the protesters.

Evident in each of the protests is the fact that they are diverse, peaceful, and supported by community leaders. Another protest is planned for 6 p.m. on Friday afternoon, June 5, 2020, organized by Fiera Hill, candidate for Walton County Board of Commission District 2. It will again be on the courthouse square on Broad Street and the intent is for it to again be in that same peaceful format.

Click on the Youtube video below for photos of the June 2, 2020 peaceful protest in Monroe, Ga.

Youtube gallery photo credit: Darrell Everidge and Sharon Swanepoel.


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