Pet Obituaries: Let us memorialize your beloved pet that has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge

We invite you to write an obituary for your furry soul-mate when he or she crosses over the Rainbow Bridge. So many of our readers are ardent animal lovers and consider their pets an integral part of the family, so the loss of a pet can be devastating. It can cause intense sorrow and lead to a necessary time for grieving. One of the ways we get over the loss of anyone we love is by memorializing them and sharing what it was that made them special to us. That is what we hope to achieve for our readers when they lose a beloved pet. We want to provide them an opportunity to memorialize their pets the same way they would any other beloved member of their family.

Please email your Pet Obituary with your favorite photograph of them, if you have one, to Feel free to share a loss that may not necessarily be new, but one that you continue to remember each year on the anniversary of your beloved pet’s passing.



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