Piedmont Participating in Research Trials Focused on Prostate Cancer

press release from Piedmont Healthcare

Atlanta (Sept. 10, 2020) — Piedmont Healthcare is participating in two clinical research trials to study treatments for prostate cancer. One study examines the effects of stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), while the other study looks at the effects of using docetaxel, a form of chemotherapy, along with radiation therapy and hormone therapy in comparison to using radiation and hormone therapy alone.

SBRT uses special equipment to position a participant and deliver radiation directly to tumors in the body. Daily images are used to guide the treatment to the tumors and protect normal tissue. SBRT is under study in treating prostate cancer.

“The goal for this trial is to determine its efficacy, but also to know whether the use of SBRT is better, the same, or worse than more standard treatments,” said Adam Nowlan, M.D. “The hope is that this treatment, delivered on a more convenient schedule proves at least equivalent to standard therapy.”

Docetaxel is an FDA-approved treatment for prostate cancer that has metastasized, or spread throughout the body, and does not respond to hormone therapy. This trial is focused on the efficacy of docetaxel in conjunction with radiation and hormone therapy, in cases where prostate cancer has not spread. By studying cases that involve docetaxel, hormone and radiation therapy and comparing them to cases that only use radiation and hormone therapy, the goal is to determine if the former approach is more effective than the latter.

“This trial is for patients who are up to one-year post-prostatectomy and have a high chance of prostate cancer recurrence,” said Nowlan. “As many as one third of those who have had a prostatectomy will eventually show signs of recurrence, so determining an effective treatment would make a significant impact on the lives of many men.”

Patients in and around the Walton County areas should first consult with their physicians and/or oncologists to make sure they fit the criteria for the studies. Piedmont officials say that would enable them to determine if there is a way to work with those conducting the studies in Atlanta or if there are other studies in their area that may be a better fit.

There are numerous ongoing clinical trials at Piedmont, all with a goal of discovering new treatments or technologies to improve outcomes for patients.

“The best place to start is by asking your physician if there are any clinical research trials you can participate in,” said Ali Arabnia, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator for Research Oncology. “There are often eligibility requirements and your physician would know best if you qualify for a particular study.”

For more information on Piedmont Healthcare’s commitment to research and to see what studies are open and available, visit piedmont.org/research

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