Piedmont Walton Hospital Recognizes National Injury Prevention Day

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Monroe, Ga.  – As a state designated Level III trauma center, Piedmont Walton Hospital plays a key role in the state’s trauma care system. Piedmont Walton provides assessment, resuscitation, stabilization, surgery, intensive care and inpatient care and therapies for trauma patients. The hospital has specially trained healthcare providers to help ensure optimal trauma patient outcomes. Many patients will discharge home directly from the Piedmont Walton emergency department while others may be admitted for inpatient treatment or transferred to a higher-level trauma facility, if needed. One of the most important aspects of trauma care is educating patients and staff on trauma and injury prevention.

This year Piedmont Walton will “Shine a Green Light” on November 18, 2021, to recognize National Injury Prevention Day and help raise awareness about the need to prevent traumatic injuries. The hospital will shine green lights on the Emergency Department in support of this important initiative.

According to the Injury Free Coalition for Kids, a leading injury prevention program in the U.S., unintentional injuries are the number one cause of hospitalizations and death of individuals between the ages of one-44. Additionally, falls cause around 61 percent of traumatic brain injuries and are the leading cause of injury death in those 65 and older, more than 39,000 each year.

Data shows more than seven million children under the age of 19 visit emergency rooms each year for injuries. More than 8,000 of those children will die from their injury. Injuries occur from home and fire accidents, all-terrain vehicle accidents, drownings, poisonings, bicycles or other wheeled sports accidents, among others. 

The majority of injuries are preventable, and Piedmont Walton wants to help families, caregivers, and others identify and protect against safety concerns that can lead to traumatic injury. 

Help shine a light on injury prevention in your home or organization. For more information on injury prevention and safety resources, please visit the Injury Free Coalition for Kids at injuryfree.org. To learn more about Piedmont Walton Hospital, visit piedmont.org.

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