Pinwheel gardens in local cities are in support of April being Child Abuse Awareness Month

City of Loganville has large Pinwheel Garden in front of City Hall

Planting a Pinwheel Garden on the lawn at Loganville City Hall on March 30, 2022 to raise awareness against Child Abuse

A Child’s Voice Advocacy Center in Social Circle hosted the 2022 Pinwheel Palooza during the month of April, encouraging local cities to sponsor a Pinwheel Garden in support of April being Child Abuse Awareness Month. The First United Methodist Church in Covington, the First Baptist Church in Monroe, Friendship Park in Social Circle and Loganville City Hall now have pinwheels blowing in the breeze showing their willingness to bring awareness to the issue.

The City of Loganville even changed it sign ordinance to ensure that the pinwheels could be displayed at City Hall. The action earned Mayor Skip Baliles the nickname Mayor Pinwheel as he had to break a tie to get the change passed. Three of the council members were concerned it would set a precedent.

But the ordinance was amended and the Pinwheel Garden, the largest in the county, now adorns City Hall. Councilwoman Linda Dodd led the effort in getting the city involved in the project. Jennifer Daniel, a forensic interview specialist with A Child’s Voice Advocacy Center, said Loganville raised $700 to sponsor the Pinwheel Garden in Loganville. Each pinwheel is the result of a $5 donation to the organization.

“There were four main sponsors and several individual donors. In order to be considered a sponsor, at least $100 (20 pinwheels) had to be donated.  One hundred and fifty pinwheels were sponsored by citizens of Loganville. Our goal was to plant 200 pinwheels this year in Loganville. A Child’s Voice added about fifty pinwheels so that 200 could be planted at that location,” Daniel said. “Citizens of Loganville also supported us in purchasing raffle tickets. Sixteen raffle tickets were purchased which totaled $320.”

If you purchase six ticket (or tickets in bundles of 6) in the Pinwheel Palooza Raffle, you will be entered into the bonus basket! Some of the prizes include an overnight stay and breakfast at Chateau Elan Winery & Resort, a design consultation with Addison’s Wonderland, a pearl necklace from P & A Jewelry, a pottery serving bowl from Glorified Mudd Pottery, a JL Designs gift card, a City Pharmacy gift card, Alliance Theatre ticket vouchers and MORE!

You can purchase tickets and support healthy childhoods on a Child’s Voice at website:

A Child’s Voice is a non-profit organization that provides a coordinated community response to child abuse in both Walton and Newton Counties. The blue pinwheel serves as the symbol of “healthy and happy childhoods, representing child abuse prevention.” The Pinwheel Palooza Raffle helps raise funds for A Child’s Voice.

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