Plant Sensation and Company ‘establish their roots’ in Monroe

By Ansleigh Hester - The Walton TRIBUNE INTERN

Left: Plant Sensation and Company’s store front during the recent Monroe Blooms Flower Festival, middle, Giselle, Anna and Katherine Morales pose in front of Plant Sensation during the Monroe Flower Festival and right, Matthew Romas sits in the front of the painted Downtown Monroe loga as he launches his business, Plant Sensation and Company, on South Broad Street. Photos courtesy of Plant Sensation and company

The owner of Plant Sensation and Company, Matthew Ramos, made his debut in June in Downtown Monroe.

Located near The Walton Tribune on South Broad Street, Ramos is hoping to make a lasting impact on Monroe. Ramos’s vision for his business in Monroe is to help his customers and citizens be educated on the inner workings of indoor and outdoor gardens.

“After creating the business in 2020, I decided to open this store in Monroe. I wanted to bring a home and garden atmosphere to Monroe,” Ramos said. “I wanted to give customers the option to pick up smaller goods [plants, flowers, pottery, etc.] for their homes.”

Ramos believes that his business will flourish in Monroe because he serves his customers in any way possible.

“My friend, Bobby [his friend and employee] and I believe that the business will flourish because we’re given the opportunity to serve our customers. We’re able to give them knowledge because we’re educated in what we offer in our stores,” Ramos said.

The difference between Plant Sensation and corporations with a garden center is he gives a new vibe to gardening.

“This business isn’t like a Home Depot or Lowes, it’s more of a local garden atmosphere,” Ramos says.

He started Plant Sensation during COVID-19 because many people were struggling with their mental state. “I started this business because gardening is really good for people’s mental health. It’s helped me and others create joy and be able to care for something,” Ramos said. “I want to give people a coping mechanism [which gardening provides].”

The quality of his plants is a priority to him.

“We sell different varieties of houseplants (raised here in Georgia in greenhouses) that are acclimated to our climate. I pick plants from good vendors, so I know the quality of the roots and the soil,” Ramos said. “I think knowing the state my plants are in is very important.”

A unique item of pottery that’s sold at Plant Sensation is unlike any other.

“We source our pottery out of Denmark. It’s then hand-tossed in Tuscany, Italy. A lot of people enjoy our pottery. I feel privileged to be able to provide this one of a kind item because no one else in the area sells it,” Ramos said. In the future, Ramos plans on adding to Monroe to make it a positive community.

“Monroe is a growing city, so being able to do business in Downtown Monroe is amazing. It’s such a tight-knit community of small, local businesses. All the business owners here help each other out and protect each other. We build up Monroe by working together to make it a better place.”

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