Police foil burglary in process in Social Circle last week

Social Circle Police Chief Tyrone Oliver reported that an alleged burglary attempt in the city was foiled last week with the help of observant neighbors.

Oliver said that at about 4:50 p.m. on Thursday, May 2, 201,9 police were dispatched to an alarm call at 619 Dove Cove. Officers arrived within minutes and neighbors reported seeing someone close a window on the front of the residence. A bag of cereal was seen on the grass on the side of the residence and when contacted by phone, the homeowner said that the bag of cereal had been in the bedroom and confirmed that nobody should be at or in the residence.

A perimeter was set up by officers who then went to the unsecured window and began to give verbal commands for anyone in the residence to come out. After a few moments, a man reportedly appeared from inside the residence and was taken into custody peacefully. Officers proceeded to check the rest of the residence and found nobody else inside.

LaJohn Darnell Pilcher, 23, of Social Circle was allegedly found to have in his possession latex gloves, two women’s bracelets belonging to the victim and several other items from the residence. He also had outstanding warrants out of Athens for traffic-related offenses and was subsequently also charged with the burglary.

“We tell the community all the time if you hear or see something, say something! This is a good example of how it works,” Oliver said. “We can make this a safer community by working together.”


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