Pollen count continues to climb during April 2018


On April 12, the pollen count continued to climb, giving a reading of 5,354 according to Atlantaallergy.com

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For the month of April in Metro Atlanta has been mostly on an upward trend, hitting a high today, April 11, 2018, of 5098, the highest in more than three years, according to Atlantaallergy.com. The major allergy culprits right now are oak, pine, mulberry, hackberry, willow.

Thunderstorms coming in over the weekend should wash away much of the pollen causing the itching, coughing and sneezing in allergy sufferers. According to the National Weather Service forecast, there is not much relief before then though.

If you can’t wait for Mother Nature to take care of the pollen problem, click here for tips to help allergy sufferers.

Tree pollen – photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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