Pollen count for Friday, April 5, 2019, tops 6,000

If you thought the pollen count on Thursday was ridiculously high, you’re not going to like today’s reading. According to the Atlanta Allergy Clinic, at 6,262, the reading today is more than double that. Primary culprits are trees, namely oak, pine, sycamore, willow and sweetgum. Throw in a very little grass and sheep sorrel weeds and you hit those high numbers.

That’s still not as bad as the record high in March 2012 of 9,369, but it looks like it’s headed that way.

If you’re looking for some relief from Mother Nature – pray for that rain that’s supposed to be coming at the end of the weekend. Those rivers of yellow we’ve got used to during springtime in Georgia should bring a little relief. In the meantime, stock up on the Kleenex. You will probably need them today.
Tree pollen – photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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