Post new mayor of Between, municipal results for Between, Social Circle and Walnut Grove

With all the votes counted, including mail-in and early votes, the City of Between has a new mayor and three new councilmembers.

Mayor Robert J. Post was elected with a total of  75 votes, 41 on election day, 4 in advanced voting and 30 absentee by mail. Jonathan Page came up short with 37 votes, 22 on election day and 15 by mail. Mary Ann Rivers was unopposed for councilmember at large with a term to end 12-31-2021 and Wanda B. Satterwhite with 89 votes and Barry C. Turner with 82 are both elected to serve until 12-31-2023.

In Social Circle, Charles M. Akin, with 120 votes, beat out Jeb Butcher and was elected in a special election to replace Mayor David Keener who resigned last year to run for mayor.

In the City of Walnut Grove, Mary Lynn Hall with 145 votes was elected to the City Council, beating Maxine McClanahan with 72.

Mayor – City of Between

  • Jonathan Page                                                    37
  • Robert J. Post                                                     75

City of Between Councilmember at large (Term ending 12-31-21)

  • Mary Ann Rivers.                                           100

City of Between Councilmember at Large (Term ending 12-31-2023) Vote for 2

  • Wanda B. Satterwhite                                    89
  • Barry C. Turner                                                  82                

City Council District 3 – City of Social Circle

  • Charles M. Akin                                                 120
  • Jeb Butcher                                                             76

City Councilmember – City of Walnut Grove

  • Mary Lynn Hall                                                   145
  • Maxine McClanahan                                                72


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