Pregnancy Resource Center celebrates turning the page on 25 years with “Speak Life” week

On Thursday it will reveal a mobile unit that the organization plans to purchase for the local area

The Pregnancy Resource Center has been changing lives, and saving the unborn, in Walton County for 25 years. And as they turn the page to the next chapter, the organization is celebrating previous successes and setting future goals.

They have done this with “Speak Life” events this whole week, which began with a virtual gala on Monday and an Open House at their Monroe location Tuesday. Wednesday, the organization is asking members and supporters of their mission in the community to engage in a giving pool with friends to raise $1,000 and on Thursday, they are revealing the reason for the big push to raise funds. The Center plans to purchase a mobile medical unit.

This additional service will enable the Pregnancy Resource Center to expand its reach from beyond the four walls of the Center of Hope locations in Monroe and Loganville and into the surrounding communities. At the moment, some of the services available within the unit, such as the ultrasound machine, are only at the Monroe location. The medical mobile unit will be fully serviced with ultrasound equipment and the same compassionate care. Moms and dads who do not have a way to get to the center will now have access to the same services and resources as the mobile unit will be able to travel to where they are. The unit is being purchased from the organization ICU – Image Clear Ultrasound  (and “I See You“, the first name God gave to the woman He called to establish this GOing ministry!) 

A sister center ICU bus from Woodstock, Ga. will be visiting the Loganville center on Thursday, April 29th, from 4-6 pm, and interested members in the community are invited to tour the unit.

The Speak Life Week events end on Friday, April 30, with a virtual prayer event. For more information, click or tap on this link.

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