Presentation by Walton Teen Advocacy Board at Tuesday’s Monroe City Council meeting

The November 2021 Monroe City Council meeting will take place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2021 at Monroe City Hall. The community is invited to attend. The Walton Teen Advocacy Board will be in attendance for a presentation at the start of the meeting. There also will be a Public Hearing on the Blaine Street Rezone, the issuing of Revenue Bonds for the apartment rehabilitation project, a Zoning Ordinance Code Text Amendment and a demolition appeal.
The full agenda follows. The public is invited to attend.
1.      Invocation
2.      Roll Call
3.      Approval of Agenda
4.      Approval of Consent Agenda
a.      October 5, 2021 Council Minutes
b.      October 12, 2021 Council Minutes
c.       October 21, 2021 Council Minutes
d.      October 5, 2021 Executive Session Minutes
e.       October 19, 2021 Planning Commission Minutes
f.        October 26, 2021 Historic Preservation Commission Minutes
g.      September 9, 2021 Downtown Development Authority Minutes
h.      September 9, 2021 Conventions and Visitors Bureau Minutes
1.      Walton Teen Advocacy Board Presentation
1.      Public Comments
2.      Public Hearing
a.      Rezone – 140 Blaine Street
b.      Approving the Valdosta Housing Authority to Issue Revenue Bonds for Local Apartment Rehabilitation Project
c.       Zoning Ordinance Code Text Amendment #12
d.      COA Demolition Appeal – 1238 South Madison Avenue   
1.      Rezone – 140 Blaine Street COA Demolition
2.      COA Demolition Appeal – 1238 South Madison Avenue
3.      2nd Reading – GMEBS Amended and Restated Defined Benefit Retirement Plan Ordinance
4.      1st Reading – Zoning Ordinance Code Text Amendment #12
5.      Resolution – Authorizing the Valdosta Housing Authority to Exercise its Powers for the Purpose of Financing a Proposed Multifamily Housing Project  
6.      Service Delivery Strategy Update – Resolution & Sewer Map 

Mayor’s update

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