Public hearing in Monroe Tuesday on housing developments and one-way of Lumpkin Street

There is a full agenda for the Monroe City Council Tuesday, including a public hearing involving several issues. These include several rezones or waivers for housing and residential developments as well as a discussion on making N. Lumpkin Street a one-way.

The meeting takes place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at City Hall on N. Broad Street in Monroe. The public is invited to attend.

The agenda follows – click or tap on the relevant link for more information on any item.

4. Approval of Consent Agenda
a. March 2, 2017 Council Minutes
b. March 7, 2017 Council Minutes
c. March 14, 2017 Council Minutes
d. March 28, 2017 Council Minutes
e. March 29, 2017 Council Minutes
f. March 2, 2017 Executive Session Minutes
g. March 7, 2017 Executive Session Minutes
h. March 14, 2017 Executive Session Minutes
i. March 28, 2017 Executive Session Minutes
j. March 29, 2017 Executive Session Minutes
k. March 21, 2017 Planning Commission Minutes
l. March 28, 2017 Historic Preservation Commission Minutes
m. GMA Lease Purchase – Approval of the lease purchase agreement for vehicles and equipment. (Recommended for Council approval by Finance Committee April 4, 2017)
n. Community Center Amended Lease Agreement and Fee Schedule – Approval of agreement and fee schedule. (Recommended for Council approval by Finance Committee April 4, 2017)
o. Approval – Surplus Items – Approval to surplus on GovDeals. (Recommended for Council approval by Utilities Committee April 4, 2017)
1. Public Comments
2. Public Hearing
a. Rezone – 506 South Broad Street, 700 South Broad Street, 709 Alcovy Street, 100 Walker Street, 129 Second Street, & 119 Second Street
b. Rezone – 600 South Broad Street
c. Rezone – 410 Davis Street & 412 Davis Street
d. Variance – 412 Davis Street
e. Rezone – 221 Baker Street, 106 Olympian Way, 215 Baker Street, & Part of 237 Baker Street
f. North Lumpkin Street Conversion to One-Way
1. Application – Beer & Wine On-Premise Consumption – Shifters
2. Appointment – Historic Preservation Commission
3. Media Relations Policy
4. Workplace Safety Policy
5. Vehicles, Equipment, & Facility Maintenance Policy
6. City Council Policy of Procedures & Protocols

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