Public Hearing on potential Loganville millage rate increase at 5:30 p.m. Monday

The City of Loganville will have the first of three public hearings at 5:30 p.m. tonight, Monday, Aug. 6, 2018. This will be followed immediately by the August Work Session.

A meeting was held earlier in the year to give the community some background on the needs that contribute to the possibility of a hike in the millage rate. One of the needs outlined was public safety and the City Council recently voted to give a raise to public safety personnel. However, Loganville Police Chief Mike McHugh pointed out that the raise awarded was the result of cutting two budgeted positions to hire extra personnel and it did not have an impact on the tax increase.

“I was afforded two extra police officers, which would allow us to hire seven new officers,” McHugh said. He already had five open positions for officers that he had been trying to fill. “We did not change the budget. We are already short five officers, but if we can’t hire five, how can we hire seven. We decided to do away with those extra two positions.”

McHugh said the hope was that the extra money would enable the department to hire new officers and retain the ones already employed. With other departments in the area offering more money, it was difficult for the department to retain or recruit without making an effort to be competitive.

The public hearing on the millage rate will be followed at 6:30 p.m. by the regular August Work Session for the City of Loganville. Both meetings will take place in the Council Chambers at Loganville City Hall, 4303 Lawrenceville Road. The public is invited to both meetings.

The full agenda of the work session follows.


  1. Planning & Development – Chairman Skip Baliles
  • Amendment to Zoning Ordinance regarding Automotive Sales
  • Amendment to Zoning Ordinance to update the Current Zoning Map
  • Updates / Reports
  • Permit Fee Schedule
  1. Finance / Human Resources– Chairwoman Anne Huntsinger 
  • Approval of Annual Property, Auto, General Liability Insurance Invoices (Budgeted)
  • Approval of 2018 Millage Rate
  • Updates / Reports
  1. Public Safety Committee – Chairman Jay Boland
  • Updates / Reports
  1. Public Utilities / Transportation – Chairman Danny Ford
  • 2019 Supplemental LMIG Project List
  • Approval of City Owned Street Inventory
  • Approval of LMIG 2018 Funds
  • 2018 CDBG Project Engineering – Pecan Street
  • State of Georgia Drinking Water Annual Lab Contract
  • Updates / Reports
  1. Public Works / Facilities– Chairwoman Linda Dodd
  • Updates / Reports
  1. Economic Development – Chairwoman Lisa Newberry
  • Updates / Reports


  • Ethics Committee Nominations
  • Updates / Report


  • Ordinance Amendment re Group Activity
  • Updates / Reports

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