Red Speed Automated School Safety program presentation to Monroe City Council after 4000 plus violators in 1 day

A test by Red Speed Automated School Safety Zone of streets leading up to George Walton Academy, Monroe Area High School, and Church Street in front of Monroe Country Day School in Monroe recorded more than 4,000 speed violators in just one day. As a result, Monroe Police Chief R.V. Watts has asked for a presentation of the program to be made to the Monroe City Council at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

The program has already been installed in the City of Snellville with mixed results. According to a story on Fox5, the program did draw some backlash when more than 30,000 tickets went out the first three months. After one month of just warnings, tickets were issued at $80 for the first ticket and $130 every time thereafter. The complaint had been it was just a money grab. However, it does seem to be making a difference. The number of tickets issued in April was halved to 7,000. The first month of actual citations had 14,000 tickets issued to violators.

Watts said ot everyone automatically gets a ticket. The footage would be reviewed by the company, and then the Monroe Police Department, before a ticket is issued. Watts said he also would like any money generated by the tickets to be directed back to school safety programs.

The program will be presented at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. The meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. and the public is welcome. It can also be viewed on television, Channel 16.

The full agenda follows.


1.      Invocation

2.      Roll Call

3.      Approval of Agenda

4.      Approval of Consent Agenda

a.      April 6, 2021 Council Minutes

b.      April 13, 2021 Council Minutes

c.       April 22, 2021 Council Minutes

d.      April 22, 2021 Executive Session Minutes

e.       April 20, 2021 Planning Commission Minutes

f.        April 27, 2021 Historic Preservation Commission Minutes

g.      March 11, 2021 Downtown Development Authority Minutes

h.      March 11, 2021 Conventions and Visitors Bureau Minutes

i.        Approval – 2021 Wellness Plan – Approval of plan for $14,100.00. (Recommended for Council approval by Finance Committee May 4, 2021)

j.        Odorization Control System – Transfer Station – Approval of CupriDyne Clean for $15,133.56.  (Recommended for Council approval by Public Works Committee May 4, 2021)

k.      Fence Extension – Transfer Station – Approval of Elite Fence Company for $12,264.34. (Recommended for Council approval by Public Works Committee May 4, 2021)

l.        Exterior Repair and Cleaning – Transfer Station – Approval of Garland/DBS, Inc. for $15,737.00. (Recommended for Council approval by Public Works Committee May 4, 2021)

m.    Approval – Carwood Drive Gas Main Replacement – Approval of Southern Pipeline for $75,600.00. (Recommended for Council approval by Utilities Committee May 4, 2021)

n.      Approval – Purchase of 2021 Ford F-450 Truck – To purchase from Akins Ford for $60,385.00. (Recommended for Council approval by Utilities Committee May 4, 2021)

o.      Purchase – Police Department Furniture – To purchase from School Tools and Office Pro’s for total amount of $45,000.00. (Recommended for Council approval by Public Safety Committee May 4, 2021)

p.      Purchase – Police Radios – To purchase from Motorola Solutions for $30,719.08. (Recommended for Council approval by Public Safety Committee May 4, 2021)

q.      Master Plan Design Services – Old Walton Plaza Shopping Center – Approval of Lord Aeck Sargent for $38,200.00. (Recommended for Council approval by Planning & Code Committee May 4, 2021)


1.      National Foster Care Month Proclamation

2.      Proclamation – Captain Joseph Locklin

3.      Proclamation – Captain Hubert Hawkins


1.      Public Comments

2.      Public Hearing

a.      Variance – 803 East Spring Street

b.      Rezone – 961 Good Hope Road    


1.      Variance – 803 East Spring Street

2.      Rezone – 961 Good Hope Road

3.      Application – Beer & Wine On-Premise Consumption – Your Pie

4.      Application – Spirituous Liquors and Beer & Wine On-Premise Consumption – Tacos N Beer Bar and Grill

5.      Red Speed Presentation

6.      Walton Plaza Facility Exterior and Roof Renovation – Remaining Buildings

7.      Downtown Development Authority Intergovernmental Agreement

8.      Resolution – Budget Amendment for Planning & Code RFQ Project Funding

9.      Madison Avenue Electric Rebuild

10.  Downtown Green Plan and Request for Authorization to Pursue Funding

11.  Personnel Hearing Officer



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