Republic U.S. Senate candidate Kelvin King to make a stop in Walton County Thursday, Aug. 5

Air Force veteran and Atlanta businessman Kelvin King is one of the four Republican candidates who have thrown their hats into the ring to take on U.S. Senator Ralph Warnock in November 2022 – and he is making a tour of Georgia to meet who he hopes will be his future constituents.

Currently Warnock is the only Democrat in the mix, but King and three other Republicans, Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, Latham Saddler and James Nestor, have announced a run for the seat.

Kelvin King. Contributed photo

Last week, King announced his “Uncancel America Tour” with stops in all 159 counties over 30 days and at 5 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 5, he is making a stop in Walton County.

Our campaign is ready to take back this state, and we are willing to put in the work necessary to do it one county at a time. Our ‘Uncancel America Tour’ has a very aggressive schedule, but it will take a candidate with grit to defeat Senator Warnock and put an end to the ‘cancel culture’ infecting our country,” King noted when announcing the tour.

He and his wife, Janelle are hoping to meet as many people in their home towns as they can during the month of August.

“This isn’t your typical campaign tour because I’m not your typical candidate. We aren’t focused on only hitting major cities where we can put the most people in the smallest room and give our campaign an ego boost. We look forward to authentically campaigning in the places where life happens whether it’s a feed store, diner, small business, or town square. This campaign is a reflection of how I will serve the state and my belief that access to your U.S. Senator should not depend on your zip code,” King said.

King and his wife will be at Southern Brewing Company, 123 N Lumpkin St. at Monroe at 5 p.m.

Click or tap on this link for more information on King and his platform.

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